What Ever Happened To.......KiLLeR DWaRfS?

Formed in Oshawa, Ontario in 1981 by vocalist Russ Graham and drummer Darrell Millar, the band was a hit in their native Canada with their first self-titled release in 1983.  Their follow up album titled Stand Tall was released in 1986 and became popular in the States with the help of MTV's Headbangers Ball regularly airing the videos for "Stand Tall" and "Keep The Spirit Alive".

Successful touring in Canada and the States led to the band being signed by Sony records and in 1988 they released Big Deal which included the hits "Desperados" and "We Stand Alone".  In 1990, they released Dirty Weapons which gave the band their first radio hit in the U.S with "Doesn't Matter."  The band's last Sony release was 1992's Method to the Madness and included hits "Driftin' Back" and "Hard Luck Town".  During a reunion tour in 2001, the band recorded the live disc titled Reunion of Scribes: Live 2001-2002. 

So Where are they Now?   Since 2002, the guys have had stayed active in music with Russ joining the band Moxy as well as releasing a solo disc of Killer Dwarfs hits called Wireless.  Darrell stepped out from behind the drums to front his own band called Automan.ca.  Last year, the band dusted off a lost recording of original tunes called Start @ One and the lineup from the Method to the Madness days have toured in support of that disc.   Later this month, the band set sails on the Monsters of Rock Cruise and will be performing at Rocklahoma and a few other dates this year!  Go see them and keep up to date at www.killerdwarfsband.com or www.russdwarf.com or at facebook.com/killerdwarfs and @killerdwarfs on Twitter! 

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