Two Quick Reviews: OM&M and Behemoth


Of Mice & Men: "Restoring the Force"


With "Restoring the Force" Of Mice & Men continue to evolve into one of metalcore's best bands.  The clean vocals sound great and Austin Carlile's lead vocals are a sharp as always.  Overall the band sounds great and the production is top notch.  This is a band that appears to be the future of metalcore and "Restoring the Force" only proves that (9/10).

Stand out tracks: "Bones Exposed", "Will You Still Be There", You Are Not Alone"

Behemoth: "The Satanist"

The Satanist.png

HEAVY.  That is what comes to mind when describing "The Satanist" from the Polish extreme metal band, Behemoth.  If you like Negral's guttural extreme vocals or not, there is no denying the power of the music.  Blistering guitar and drums are powerful and you can feel it.  Fast and heavy, this is a great metal album.  While some may not like this style of metal, I do, and give "The Satanist" (8/10).

My two favorite tracks are, "Ora ProNobis Lucifer" and "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel" but make sure to check them all out.  PS - The video below for "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel" is awesome.

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