Why I Love AC/DC, By Poot

5. 40 Years and counting

People who criticize AC/DC have said that the band has basically put out the same song for over 40 years and to those people I say - at least its one helluva song! They are consistent and that's why we love them.  Why fix it if it ain't broke?  Ask Metallica how that worked for them.

4. Two Favorites

Because AC/DC is one of the few bands that have successfully pulled off a vocalist change, I view it as two separate yet equally awesome eras of the band. And because of that you dont have to pick your favorite of the two. You can have a favorite of each.  And here are my two favorite AC/DC songs:

3. Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott

This week mark's the 35th anniversary of Bon's death by "misadventure" at age 33. Clearly he was taken from us far too soon but before he died, he gave us six great albums in the short six years he was frontman for the band.  These albums were so great and without Bon its likely AC/DC may not have ever made it out of Australia.

2. The Brothers Young

The history of AC/DC can all be traced back to one name and that name is Young.  We have so much to be thankful to the descendant of William and Margaret Young.  Sister Margaret's sewing machine is where the band's name came from and it was her who gave Angus the idea to don the schoolboy outfit.  Older Brother George among many other contributions to the band, was the one who introduced Bon Scott to the band.  But it was Malcom in 1973 who asked younger brother Angus to join his band and the two would become the driving force behind the legacy of AC/DC.  Malcom was more the businessman and the inventor of their sound, while Angus was the image and the focal point of the band.  The two have been named among numerous lists as the best rhythm and lead guitar duos of all time.

1. Back In Black

In early 1980, the band had just experienced both the highest and lowest points of their careers following the platinum selling success of Highway To Hell and the devastating loss of Bon Scott.  The band contemplated breaking up and we, along with the world, are thankful they didn't.  They found Brian Johnson to fill those big shoes and the result was over 50 million copies sold. 
On a personal note - this album is how I was formally introduced to AC/DC.  I remember seeing this all black album in my brother's record collection and wondered what it was. I put it on the record player and the sound of those bells on the intro to Hells Bells had me scared and excited at the same time. And when Angus' lead guitar comes in, I was hooked.  Its one of those albums that I can honestly say changed my life and influenced the lives of countless musicians and bands that we love today.  Thank you AC/DC for changing my life.  -Poot