What Ever Happened To.........AUTOGRAPH???

It can be argued these guys were the first to deliver a Metal Anthem when they broke onto the scene in 1983 with their MTV hit "Turn Up The Radio".   Original members Steve Plunkett (vocals), Steve Lynch (guitars), Randy Rand (bass), Steve Isham (keyboards), and Keni Richards (drums) achieved Gold success on their first LP Sign In Please as well as their two follow-up albums That's The Stuff (1985) and Loud & Clear (1987).  The band called it quits in 1989.

So Where are they Now?   In September 2013......30 year after the release of Turn Up the Radio, the original members (minus Plunkett and Isham) reunited with former Jailhouse singer, Simon Daniels taking over on vocals.  The band is scheduled to perform on this year's Monsters of Rock Cruise at the end of March and at the M3 Festival on April 26.  The band has also indicated plans to record a new album by the end of the year.