Bro's Top 25 Metal Albums Of 2014, So Far...

Well we have made it half way through 2014 and there have been a ton of great albums!  So, since I love lists, I have put together a list of my 25 favorite metal/rock releases of 2014, so far.  I have also added my 5 favorite EP's so far (bonus at the bottom of the page).  Disclaimer, there are some albums out now that I haven't had a chance to listen to yet so if you have any suggestions, or think my list sucks, leave your additions or your list in the comments section below.  Also, my list is in alphabetical order, I will do a top 25 countdown at the end of the year ranking them all the way down to my favorite album of 2014.  Alright enough chatting, here is my list! 

Bro's Top 25 Albums, So Far:


...And The Earth Swarmed With Them: "You Are Mortal"

Anti-Mortem: "New Southern"

Architects: "Lost Together/Lost Forever"

Assassins: "War Of Aggression"

Behemoth: "The Satanist"

Bloody Hammers: "Under Satan's Sun"

Buffalo Tooth: "Gardener's Of The Devils Lettuce"

Down: "Down IV, Part II"

Edguy: "Space Police"

Feed The Rhino: "The Sorrow And The Sound"

Hark: "Crystalline"

Kyng: "Burn The Serum"

Mastodon: "Once More Round The Sun"

Monolith: "Dystopia"

Misery Index: "The Killing Gods"

Of Mice & Men: 'Restoring Force"

Our Last Enemy: "Pariah"

Polar: "Shadowed By Vultures"

Ringworm: "Hammer Of The Witch"

Rival Sons: "Great Western Valkyrie"

Swans: "To Be Kind"

The Atlas Moth: "The Old Believer"

Tombs: "Savage Gold"

Trap Them: "Blissfucker"

Wreck And Reference: "Want"

Bonus - My 5 Favorite EP's Of 2014, So Far:


Avenge The Heartache: "Immortality"

Crobot: "Crobot"

King Goat: "King Goat"

Mountains Under Oceans: "Mountains Under Oceans"

Your Last Day: "Your Last Day"

Whew, there is my list!  Let me know your thoughts.