Take A Trip With Radio Moscow: Bro-Metal Album Review

Bro-Metal Review Of "Magical Dirt" From Radio Moscow

I was thumbing through Metal Hammer and found a review on Radio Moscow's new album, "Magical Dirt."  I dig bands that have a sludgy & bluesy sound, so I download the album and my mind was blown.  This album and band take you on a trip that you won't want to get off.  Great guitar & sick vocals from,  Parker Griggs make this album a must have.  With Anthony Meier & Paul Marrone on bass and drums this band is tight!  Amazing musicianship makes amazing songs.  Radio Moscow's "Magical Dirt" has both.

If you like rock the way it is meant to be: bluesy, sludgy, and nasty then "Magical Dirt" is for you.  It definitely got my attention, with a 9/10, this is an album and band you must take a trip with.

Bro's favorite tracks: "So Alone", "Sweet Lil Thing", "Gypsy Fast Woman"

Click to view "Magical Dirt" in iTunes

Click to view "Magical Dirt" in iTunes