Bro's Video Of The Day: KNOCKED LOOSE "Mistakes Like Fractures"

This song CRUSHES! It will smash into you like a tidal wave! Knocked Loose are one of my favorite bands and their new album, “A Different Shade Of Blue” is a masterpiece of hardcore and metal. If you aren’t on board, get on board, KNOCKED LOOSE are LEGIT! -Bro

“I followed the rabbit, I found my ending”

Click Here To Check Out “A Different Shade Of Blue” On iTunes”

Click Here To Check Out “A Different Shade Of Blue” On iTunes”

Bro-Metal 2017 Mixtape

2017 was an epic year for metal!  There were so many epic tracks I had to make yet another, mixtape.  The Bro-Metal 2017 Mixtape has my favorite tracks from the year and...they can all fit nicely on one CD (compact disk) just in case you want to roll old school.  Push play, turn it up and bang your head!  -Bro

Bro's Video(s) Of The Day: ZEAL & ARDOR and SOLSTAFIR

Hello there Bro-Metaler's!  It has been a while since we last posted and for that we apologize.  So, to make up for lost time I give you two "video of the day" selections for your viewing pleasure.  These two videos come from two bands that are responsible for two of my favorite albums of 2017.  Those two bands are, ZEAL & ARDOR and SOLSTAFIR.  Click below to check out two of the best songs and albums you will hear all year!  -Bro

Bro's Top 10 Iron Maiden Albums

Iron Maiden is my first metal love.  Their catalog is classic, their live shows are amazing and their impact on heavy metal is too great to measure.  I spent the week listening to all my Maiden albums and put together a list of what I think are Iron Maiden's ten best albums.  Take a look, let me know what you think and go listen to some Iron Maiden.  -Bro


After a year of listening, I have put together my list of the, Top 50 Albums Of 2016.  This was a hard list to make due to the large number of amazing albums to chose from.  It was a labor of love and I hope you enjoy the list and feel free to leave comments to let me know your thoughts.  Happy Holidays And Have A Metal 2017!  - Bro

Bro & Lil' Bro's Video Of The Day: CROBOT "Not For Sale"

Crobot the coolest band on the planet!  My son "Lil' Bro" said, "Crobot is the greatest band in the galaxy".  He is a pretty smart dude and we at Bro-Metal would tend to agree.  Crobot's new album, "Welcome To Fat City" is out now and if you don't go get it immediately we will hunt you down!  -Bro & Lil' Bro