The Most Talented Women In Metal

We asked one of our Bro-Metalers, Paula "Pooky" Herron to be a contributor to our blog.  Thankfully, she agreed!  So, check out Paula, Poot, and Bro's Top 5 Lists Of The Most Talented Women In Metal.  Now, more than ever, there are so many great women in metal, so this was a fun but difficult list to narrow down.

Thanks again to Paula for a great list.  Paula, you are now an official "metal blogger" and lifetime member of the Bro-Metal family.

Click on the pictures to see below to see who is who and what band they are in.

Paula aka Pooky's Top 5 Women In Metal Today:

5. Maria Brink: In This Moment

4. Allison Teague Purifoy: Roses Unread

3. Nicole Estill: True Widow

2. Alia O'Brien: Blood Ceremony

1. Grog: Die So Fluid


Poot's Top 5 Women In Metal Today:

5. Alissa White-Gluz: Arch Enemy

4. Christina Scabbia: Lacuna Coil

3. Liv Jagrell: Sister Sin

2. Lizzy Hale: Halestorm

1. Maria Brink: In This Moment


Bro's Top 5 Women In Metal Today:

5. Alla O’Brien: Blood Ceremony

4. Heidi Shepard/Paula Harvey: Butcher Babies

3. Maria Brink: In This Moment

2. Otep Shamaya:  OTEP

1. Laura Pleasents: Kylesa


Mamma Bro loved the topic for this list.  So, here is a bonus pick from the one and only, Mamma Bro:

1. Kristen May: Flyleaf

Let us know what you think of our lists.  Feel free to leave your thoughts or your own top 5 in the comments section below.  Thanks again, Pooky!  You truly ROCK!!!