Just A Metal Band (And So Much More): Bro's Interview With, Mercy Brown

With a wild style and kick ass sound, Mercy Brown, is poised to make a big mark on the metal scene.  Their, self-titled album, is an absolute beast.  Self described as, "just a metal band," Mercy Brown, is that and in my opinion, so much more.  I was able to catch up with three of the members from, Mercy Brown, and we discussed, the new album, their influences and how bassist Josh being drunk is part of their plan for world domination.  Josh, if you need a drinking buddy just let me know.  -Bro


Bro:  I was reading a press release that described your sound as, “a fascinating blend of Immolation-esque death metal and Witch Mountain-style doom, with a bit of punk thrown in too.”  Pretty kick ass description, how would you describe your sound?

MB(Sera):  Definitely eclectic. Our influences range from all over, which I think, gives us a unique sound. There’s a lot you could probably describe us as; Thrash, Death, Melodic, Progressive, Doom, Operatic Metal... I don’t know. I just tell people we’re a metal band. Although, according to Spotify Radio we fit right in with Vanessa Carlton.

Bro:  How did Mercy Brown come to be? Where did the name come from?

MB (Josh):  Chris and I had been playing together for a while in the past and had been searching for a singer for our previous band Dracula. We got in touch with Sera, and the three of us, along with one of our original guitarists Ryan Kruger, started practicing in Dracula for a bit. While we kept playing with Dracula (albeit with a different singer), we decided to start a different project with Sera, enlisting our original drummer Devin Beedle.  That was the first incarnation of Mercy Brown.

Bro:  Your self-titled album is a beast!  What is the story behind the album?

MB (Josh):  We released a three song EP in 2012 and immediately shifted focus towards doing a full album. We wanted to put together a collection of songs that all fit together and flowed together flawlessly, and really created a smooth and balanced yet very dynamic atmosphere start to finish. So we spent years of motivated hard work and relentless pursuit of doing it right to make it happen. 5 of the songs were pretty much already written (just never properly recorded) when we started and the other 7 were written during the recording process.

Bro:  Who handles the song writing duties?  What musical influences help make the music?

MB (Josh):  We all collectively write the songs, each person pretty much writing their own parts. Because the album was heavily written in the studio, a lot of the newer songs were structured and arranged by Chris or I, then brought to the other members for their input. Sera wrote all the vocals and lyrics over everything and (our former drummer) Devin wrote drums on the older songs that made it onto the album. Chris and I wrote drum parts on the remainder of the songs, as Lunden hadn’t yet joined the band.  As far as influences, we all have a wide variety of influences. That’s a main reason we’re able to have so much dynamic between all our songs.  For me personally, I think Nine Inch Nails, Devin Townsend, Behemoth, Massive Attack, and Opeth were primary influences during the album writing/recording process.

(Sera): I think for myself, during the writing process my influences were definitely Opeth on our older songs. Mainly myself trying to imitate Mikael’s deep vocals. Greatly influenced by Deftones and Perry Farrell’s reverb effects from Jane’s Addiction for a few.

Bro:  Will you be touring in support of the “Mercy Brown”?  If so, when and where?

MB (Chris):  We’re just playing regional one-offs and weekend shows at the moment but hopefully we’ll find ourselves on a tour soon.

Bro: Ok, so what is the plan for Mercy Brown, and world domination? 

MB (Josh):  Keep working hard, getting better, and enjoying playing music with a group of friends and badass musicians! When you and your friends/band mates are playing badass songs, clicking on all cylinders and having fun doing so, it truly is the greatest feeling in the world. That combination of things will lead to world domination on its own!  As well as me being drunk.  I think I can dominate anything when I’m drunk…. 

Thanks , Mercy Brown, for a great interview.  I can't give their new, self-titled album, enough praise, it is that good. Damn great album from, just a metal band.


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Click To Get Your Hands On "Mercy Brown" LP

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