Beats, Screams, Breakdowns, Melodies & Adrenaline: Bro's Interview With JC Of Cute Cute Death

I am always on the lookout for new music and bands.  It is truly a passion.  I was lucky enough to hear the single, "Pockets," by Cute Cute Death, and immediately knew it was something special.  The UK's, Cute Cute Death, are poised to big one of the next big bands in rock/metal. With great riffs, soaring vocals and energy to spare, CCD, as they say, "will rip your face off."  "Vessels," the first full length release from, CCD, will be out this August and I have no doubt it will, indeed, rip our faces off.  I caught up with CCD guitarist, "JC" and got the inside scoop on the band, the singles, the upcoming album and their future plans.  Time to get your adrenaline going.  -Bro

Bro:  You describe your sound as, “a monkey casually humping a lama that borrowed a cheese grater to chew on while they take to the hills on a Kawasaki Ninja.”  That’s awesome!  Can you expound?

JC:  Haha..glad you liked that! We’re a mixed bag of fast punk beats, excruciating screams, breakdowns and soaring melody, and hopefully it gets your adrenaline going like a ninja!

Bro:  How did Cute Cute Death come to be? Where did the name come from?

JC:  CCD has been a very long time coming. It started years ago in, South Africa. We decided to move to the UK as a band to try and make this go somewhere, but as life has it, many things happened and so many obstacles came our way that it was only myself (JC) and Wayne (drummer) left. Niko (vocalist), then found us online and right away we all somehow just glued, then after a lot of other bassists and guitarists, Wayne came across, RickyG (guitar) and Robert (bass), and with what they brought to the table just made feel like a real band again.

With our name… We had gone through so many names and took it very serious, following all the name trends, but then, Niko’s director friend, in response to watching Planet Earth, where a Killer Whale jumped over an ice cap and grabbed a penguin …He literally said he can’t watch it anymore, “It’s like Cute, Cute….Death.” We thought it was awesome, dark and surprising. Which is exactly what we want from our music, and thought why go so serious and why follow the norm, it sounds odd and different and this is who we are.

Bro:  Your single “Pockets” is killer and one of my favorite songs of the year, what is the story behind the track?

JC:  “Pockets,” represents the workingman, the underdogs, the martyrs and the waylaid. It talks about people frustrations in life and the feelings of not being heard or seen. The chorus gives people a voice to join us. If you’ve ever been put down or underestimated, you should understand where “Pockets” is coming from.

Bro:  “Pockets” is the first track off of your upcoming album “Vessels”.  Will the other tracks have a similar feel?

JC:  Some of the tracks on this album are a bit older, but they all have in them what makes them CCD songs. The newer songs might feel a bit more accessible to a larger audience and you can feel some progression in our writing. The album itself is full of energy and raw emotion, we aim to write the best well rounded riffs and lyrics we can, and put real thought into their meanings and coherence, so the songs and album makes sense in the real world and hopefully stands the test of time.

Bro:  When is the release date for "Vessels"?  Will you be touring in support of the album?

JC:  The release date for our debut (full length) album is, mid August, which is the when we are hoping to start our UK tour to promote the album. We have our main single, “Vessels,” coming out mid July so keep your ears and eyes peeled!

Bro:  Ok, so what is the plan for Cute Cute Death and world domination?  

JC:  Our current plan is to finish off this album, and reach out to some independent labels to help spread us to the world, but most of all to keep on going mental and writing as much as we can while playing as many shows as we can possibly do!! We want to verbally attack you one at a time… if you liked it, you best tell your friends!

Come say what’s up on: and hope we see you at a show soon!

Thanks to, JC, from Cute Cute Death, for taking the time to chat with, Ol' Bro.  Cute Cute Death is a force to be reckoned with and I personally can't wait to hear, "Vessels."  Poised to be one of the next big bands in rock/metal, CCD, will get your adrenaline pumping, so go check em out!


Check Out The Video For, "Pockets," The First Single Off Of The Upcoming Album, "Vessels."

            Click To Download "Pockets"

            Click To Download "Pockets"

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