Hanshotfirst Has A Six Pack With Bro

Click Here To Check Out Hanshotfirst on Bandcamp

Click Here To Check Out Hanshotfirst on Bandcamp

With a killer name and a killer sound, Surry's, Hanshotfirst, is a Bro-Metal favorite.  If you don't believe me, just check out where their self-titled EP falls on our TOP 25 EP's Of 2014.  (Click here to check out the list).   I was able to catch up with, Zander Dale, the band's vocalist, to talk about their music, their influences and guitarist, Mike's naughty bits.

This has been one of my favorite, Six Packs, so enjoy.  -Bro 



Bro:  Metal comes in many different forms.  How would you describe your style of metal?

Zander (Vocals):  I like to describe us as an alternative rock with punky edges and some post-hardcore vibes. We combine serrated screams with clean and catchy choruses, rocking guitars, punky bass and expansive drums. We discussed what our sound was and couldn’t really pin it to be honest and we have had some random comparisons! The other day someone said our B-side ‘History’ sounded like Bohemian Rhapsody… which obviously we took as a massive compliment but I’m not really sure how they reached that conclusion! Then again, someone said I look like Prince the other day… so some people just perceive things completely different.


Bro:  How did you get started as a band?  Oh, and who came up with the band name?  I think it’s awesome!

Zander:  Mike, Ed and I were in a band when we were, 15/16 and did a few shows, that ended and we all did our own things but still played music together. During university we all decided that when we finished we were going to give it a proper shot! We recruited, Will, who is one of our friend’s brothers, while Marek was in a band with Mikes dad but got introduced to us when we parted ways with our original bass player. The rest is history. As for the name, I actually came up with it, if you look at my notes from Uni you’ll see a shit load of random names being scribbled down. In the end we decided to just go with it because we always end up arguing over names and it just never gets sorted, so we said fuck it, we are Hanshotfirst now let’s concentrate on the music! I actually have a few other Star Wars themed names including It’s A Trap, Bring Back Bossk, and Scale The Offender. (If you get the last reference then I’ll send you a free Tshirt…).


Bro:  We are huge fans of your self-titled EP (one of our favorite EP's of 2014) and your new single "Sarah, Tone In" is Killer!   Are there any plans to release more music?

Zander:  We do, we do! We have been busy writing over the last few months and we have come up with some great songs. We have been honing our skills and growing as a band, I think you can tell with the advancement o,f ‘Sarah, Tone In’ from our debut EP. With the, ‘Sarah, Tone In’ single, we wanted to release some new music to tide people over till our next EP. We wanted to show where we have been, with ‘History’ as we wrote it just after we recorded our EP but ‘Sarah, Tone In’ was written more recently and really exemplified the sound and style we are heading towards. We were hoping to record the EP before Christmas but I’m not sure that is going to be possible so we are looking at recording in February and releasing sometime in the spring. We are actually looking to record a sneaky music video for a new song around New Year. Its going to be a bit of a departure from our heavier sound and harks back to a more, ‘Hard Off The Line’ vibe… you’re supposed to release a loud and fast single to get people going… but fuck it! We do what we want, and this song will blow people away! Its piano based, huge harmonies and deep lyrics and then a big build up at the end. I should probably stop talking about it; I’m ruining the surprise!! We have a big year planned next year so stay tuned and get excited!


Bro:  All metal fans love hearing stories from the road.  What is your touring schedule like?  Any crazy stories from the road you want to share?

Zander:  We haven’t toured hardly enough, that’s the dream though to travel the world! We have a couple of shows lined up but we are mainly just planning for next year at the moment. Mike will probably get mad if I tell this story but I don’t care. So the other day we played this competition in an old convent. A silent order of nuns used to live there and when they moved out the place got turned into a music venue, which is pretty cool. Anyway, so we were staying there, up the top in the old nun’s quarters with a few other bands. So we had been drinking and running about as usual when, Will tells Mike, to get his dick out. So he flops it out and then hears a door opening behind him. He thinks it’s me (when I was actually asleep) so turns around and starts doing a little jig and waving himself around. It turns out to be a mum of one of the bands who were in the competition. She shrieks and runs into the bathroom and Mike freaks out and bails! We got some strange and discerning looks in the morning. Ah so funny. Nothing wrong with public indecent exposure right? At least Mike has a good-looking penis. Anyway, enough penis talk, next question.



Bro: Cheesy question for each of you:  Who are your musical influences?

Zander:  So Ed, Mike and I all bonded over ‘What It Is To Burn’ by Finch. Ed lent it to both of us and it blew our minds! I think we are very heavily influenced by their heavy/mellow style. That album is just amazing, every song! Otherwise, my favorite bands are Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, Reuben, Fightstar, Senses Fail and a lot of modern metalcore/hardcore/post hardcore. Mike is a big fan of No FX and Bayside, he has a real punky edge while, Ed is also a massive Bayside fan. Marek is more into Nu Metal and Industrial stuff while Will loves it heavy with Machine Head, Lamb of God and that kind of vibe. We have a varied music style but that’s good for trying to create a unique sound.


Bro: What’s next for Hanshotfirst?  

Zander:  We are going to write and record more music, have an EP out by the spring, play loads of shows and festivals and basically take over the world. Well that’s the plan anyway… Who’s with us?


Zander, we are with you!  Thanks for having a, Six Pack, with, Bro.  Bro-Metaler's go check this band out and give them some love.  Oh, and may the force be with you...

Hanshotfirst is: 

• Zander Dale – Vocals
• Mike Thomas – Guitar, Vocals
• Ed Robinson– Guitar, Vocals
• Will Asson - Drums
• Marek Fengler – Bass


Have a listen to my favorite Hanshotfirst track, "Time Is Timeless."  I think you will find this IS the band you are looking for...

Click Here To Get "Hanshotfirst" EP On iTunes

Click Here To Get "Hanshotfirst" EP On iTunes

Click Here To Check Out The New Single, "Sarah, Tone In"

Click Here To Check Out The New Single, "Sarah, Tone In"