Hanshotfirst EP Review: This IS The Band You're Looking For...

I came across the UK Post Hardcore/Alternative Metal band, Hanshotfirst a few weeks ago.  I downloaded their self titled EP, "Hanshotfirst," and wanted to report back.  After listening to the EP multiple times I am 100% on board!  Plus, their name is awesome.  Great vocals and a killer sound make Hanshotfirst a band to look out for.  

This five track EP has a great vibe throughout and each song has a real edge and energy.  My favorite track is "Fire In The Fall"  where the vocal really shines.  Each song has a bit of a different feel, but that edge and energy is a constant presence.  I give "Hanshotfirst, 9/10,  and highly recommend giving it a listen.  Remember, this is the band you're looking for...

Click to listen and download Hanshotfirst on Bandcamp

Click to listen and download Hanshotfirst on Bandcamp

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Twitter: @HanshotfirstUK  Facebook: facebook.com/HanshotfirstUK

Listen and download "Hanshotfirst" EP: www.hanshotfirstofficial.bandcamp.com