Flashback Friday - Special Saturday Edition!!

Today we rank and review the discography of the self-proclaimed Bad Boys of Rock n Roll....


#5 - Come Out And Play (1985) - Well as history has shown - it is nearly impossible to follow up a huge hit with another huge hit and this is exactly what the Boys faced after their commercial success of Stay Hungry.   You can tell on songs like "You Want What We Got" and "I Believe In Rock and Roll" that they were trying a bit too hard to recreate the anthems they had a year earlier.  And "Leader of The Pack" as humorous as it was it just sticks out like a turd in a punchbowl on here.  Don't get me wrong - the true metal fan in me does have a few favorites on here like the title track "Come Out And Play" with that eerie opening invite followed by some really heavy, pounding and fast metal which in my opinion is something that Stay Hungry lacked.  3 out of 5 horns \m/\m/\m/

#4 - Love Is For Suckers (1987) - After touring for Come Out and Play, conflicts in the band had taken its toll and the band was basically sick of each other.  Drummer AJ Pero was the first to leave and Dee had started talk of leaving as well.  So much so that Dee had basically intended for this album to be his solo record but the label pushed the band to get along and release it under the Twisted Sister name.  It would be the last full length studio record the band would ever release. After a short tour of the album, Dee Snider announced his departure from the band on Oct. 12, 1987.  From my perspective, I really wish that Dee would have released this as a solo record because I actually like this disc and a lot of the songs on here but to me its just not a Twisted Sister disc at all.  Favorites on here include the hard driving "Wake Up The Sleeping Giant", the feel good rocker "Me And The Boys" and the only single off the disc "Hot Love".  Who knows if Dee would have gone it alone on this, its possible the band may have reunited sooner and we'd have more than just 5 albums to review today?   3.5 out of 5 horns \m/\m/\m/\n

#3 - Under The Blade (1982) - Breaking out onto the scene is never an easy thing and they're have been too many to bands to count that actually had much better debut albums than the albums that they were most famous for....Motley being the biggest example.  Under the Blade has that same raw, pure metal sound and crisp vocals that Crue's Too Fast For Love has and is why I love it so much.  From the opening hard driving in your face introduction "What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You" the band is laying down the foundation for what they will soon be known for and that's just good time hard driving metal.  So many greats on here that all would have been mega hits if the band hadn't been still playing the NY club scene when this came out.  "Bad Boys of Rock n Roll" is such a good Bro-metal song that I could listen to over and over again and never get tired of and Under the Blade is so deliciously evil, but the sleeper track on here is by far "Shoot 'Em Down" - such a great, guitar heavy rocker.  4 out of 5 horns \m/\m/\m/\m/

#2 - Stay Hungry (1984) - My first time I ever heard of Twisted Sister was seeing them on MTV and wondering who were these butt ugly drag queens kicking the shit out of the guy from Animal House?  Without a doubt the singles and videos for "We're Not Gonna Take It" and "I Wanna Rock" are what made Twisted Sister a household name in the mid-80's and even today.  Those two hits are arguably 2 of the best metal anthems of all times.  But like any true diehard metal fans - we here at Bro Metal tend to like the lesser known tracks that often times never even make it off the disc.  For example - our favorites on here are the fast paced hard hitting riffs of the opening title track as well as the dark and evil tones of "Burn In Hell", "The Beast" and the two part "Horror-Teria" where we first get introduced to Dee's alter ego "Captain Howdy".  And we're not afraid to admit how much we love the softer side of the band on "The Price" and "Don't Let Me Down".  4.5 out of 5 horns \m/\m/\m/\m/\n


#1 - You Can't Stop Rock N Roll (1983) - Although still fairly unknown outside of the NY scene, Under the Blade had become an underground success in the UK and caught the attention of Atlantic records who signed them. This album is chock full of guitar heavy grinding metal from beginning to end.  The opening track "The Kids Are Back" is in my opinion the best song on the disc and maybe their best song ever, but so many others are just as good and heavy such as "I Am, I'm Me", "The Power and the Glory" and I love how they call their shot on the headbanger"We're Gonna Make It".  Of course no Twisted Sister disc would be complete without an anthem and that comes from the title track "You Cant Stop Rock n Roll which was also the band's first produced video (see below).  If you don't already have this in your collection, get it now and as Dee says every week on his radio show House of Hair....."CRANK IT UP!!!  No question here...5 out of 5 horns \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/