Album Review: Despite "EPiC"

Great Album By The Maniacs In Despite


Recently got my hands on "EpiC", the resent release from the band, Despite.  I must say, these five metal heads from Sweden have put out a great album!  The twin guitar on this album sounds very heavy and driving.  It is a constant force throughout "EPiC."  The drums (stand out drumming by Matte D) and bass give the music a great head bouncing beat.  Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the great vocals from, Peter Tuthill.  Great screaming vocals, but its his clean vocals that put the finishing touch on the music.  On "As You Bleed," my favorite track, all five members put together a blistering and aggressive metal performance.  "Unexceptional" is a beast of a track!  Check it out below.  I also really dig the song, "Sanctum Falls."  Its a great mix of heavy and soft.  It's the hidden gem on the album.

I have had "EPiC" on heavy rotation the past week, and LOVE the record!  With an 8.5/10, this album would be on my current short list of top albums of 2014.  Go check out the album, you won't be disappointed!

Despite is:

Peter Tuthill – Vocals
Timmy Leng – Guitar
André Gonzales – Guitar
Matte D – Bass
Oscar Nilsson – Drums

How do you find Despite and their music?  Here you go:

Despite: "Unexceptional"