Epic Music & Bloody Good Story Telling: Bro-Metal Interview With Vince Hempstead Of Desolate Pathway

Hailing from the, UK, Desolate Pathway is, EPIC.  Huge riffs, great melodies and amazing lyrics make, Desolate Pathway, a force to be reckoned with.  Their new album, "Valley Of The King," is a wild and fantastic ride.  I was able to catch up with guitarist, Vince Hempstead, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions and get us up to speed on all things, Desolate Pathway.  -Bro

Bro:  I read your bio and it states that you, “bring together ideas drawn from epic fantasy such as Lord Of The Rings, A Song Of Ice And Fire and the Vikings TV series.” Pretty kick ass description, how would you describe your sound?

Vince:  We are of traditional doom sound, keeping a classic retro vibe with heavy riffs and lots of melody, clean vocals, playing some Epic style music and telling a bloody good story.


Bro:  How did Desolate Pathway come to be? Where did the name come from?

Vince: I started the band originally as home based on my own while I was between tours with, Pagan Altar. When the band became less active I decided to bring the project to life and start a real band in 2014. With the name, Desolate Pathway, it's a simple idea. I found a lot of bands I grew up on had a 2-word name and thought that worked really well. I wanted something dark, gloomy and sinister sounding.


Bro:  “Valley Of The King” is a beast!  What is the story behind the album?

Vince:  It's all a mix up of Game Of Thrones and Lord Of The Rings. Lots of Epic battles, sword fighting and castles. The whole album is a concept based on a prince trying to reach a castle to take the throne but he and his army encounter lots of supernatural and evil things during their journey. Each track unfolds the story in full so it is recommended to listen in one session.


Bro:  Who handles the songwriting duties?  What musical influences help make the music?

Vince:  For, “Valley of the King,” I wrote all the music and came up with the concept and our previous singer, Muzzy Tahir, who left before we completed the line up wrote the lyrics. Our next album should be a joint effort bringing more influences and heaviness of doom.


Bro:  Where and when can we catch you on the road in support of the album?

Vince:  We are planning to gig with Slovenian Doom band, Mist, and stoners, Sir Admiral Cloudesley Shovel, on two separate shows in London, also Fest of Hades in Leeds UK and down in Hastings supporting Dutch band, Lord Volture.  Check our website for your details and other good stuff at www.desolatepathway.com


Bro: Ok, so what is the plan for Desolate Pathway, and world domination?  

Vince: We have a single due for release on 31st October. Onc the A side we have, Kostas Solomidis, who is the lead guitarist of Greek band, Sorrows Path. He is playing the two solos on track name,  “Into the Realms of Poseidon.” After that we are finishing our 2nd album that will be solely based on Greek mythology, so the single beforehand is a foot into the album. Also we want to crack the European festival scene and hope to confirm some overseas shows for 2016. In the mean time go to our Facebook page and help us build support and spread the doom thanks.  


Big thanks to, Vince, for a great interview!  Special shout out to, Mark, from Dewar PR, for coordinating.  Bro-Metaler's, go get, "Valley Of The King."  Epic music and bloody good story telling make this album and Desolate Pathway, a big star in the metal sky.

    Click To Order "Valley Of The King"

    Click To Order "Valley Of The King"

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