Bro's Video(s) Of The Day: ZEAL & ARDOR and SOLSTAFIR

Hello there Bro-Metaler's!  It has been a while since we last posted and for that we apologize.  So, to make up for lost time I give you two "video of the day" selections for your viewing pleasure.  These two videos come from two bands that are responsible for two of my favorite albums of 2017.  

First, ZEAL & ARDOR's killer song and video, "Devil Is Fine."  Kicking off the amazing album barring the same name, this song sets the tone for one of the most unique and soulful albums you will ever hear.  If you are looking for something with amazing musician ship and beautiful song writing go get ZEAL & ARDOR's new album, Devil Is Fine.

Next up is a band that I have been a fan of since the first time I heard them, SOLSTAFIR.  Many folks want to label them.  I have heard SOLSTAFIR described as, Post-Metal, Black Metal, Viking Metal, and Progressive Metal.  I am not one for labels so I am going to call their sound, and new album Berdreyminn, metal perfection.  Check out the video for their new single, "Silfur-Refur."

Both of these albums will be high on our end of year "best albums list."        Give em a listen you will dig em both.  -Bro

Check Out ZEAL & ARDOR's  Devil Is Fine

Check Out ZEAL & ARDOR's Devil Is Fine

Check Out SOLSTAFIR's  Berdreyminn

Check Out SOLSTAFIR's Berdreyminn