Dark Tales: Bro's Six Pack With, Will Z.

If you like music that doesn't fit into a box, oh and I do, then my man, Will Z., is a must listen.  Combining multiple styles of music and musical instruments, Will Z's new album, "The Dark Tales Of Will Z." is a masterpiece.  On the album, Will Z., takes you on a creepy and dark ride with spine tingling music and atmosphere.  I caught up with, Will Z., to have a six pack and to discuss his, Dark Tale.


Bro:  Your sound is hard to describe (which is awesome my opinion). Trippy, Acid, Deco, Doom, maybe?  How about I let the man himself describe it?

Will Z:  Some people are lost when they listen to my albums: they cannot put me into a box. My music is a mixture of psychedelic, folk and experimental genres because, for me, all these styles are connected. 

Bro:  How did you end up becoming Will Z. the musician?  

Will Z:
 l have listened to music since my early childhood, play acoustic guitar since I'm a kid and electric since I'm a teenager. I played in many bands and, after all these identities, I'm just me now, Will Z. (nice to meet you) and I have the chance to record my albums, to find great labels to release them and amazing people who love them.

Bro:  I absolutely love your new album, “Dark Tales Of Will Z.” It is just a flat out cool album.  I know it is made up of songs from your earlier days.  What’s the story behind the album?

Will Z:  In December 2009, while rummaging through old papers, I found notes about a solo album called, My Little Lamp, written during the 90's. It was like a snapshot for me. I remembered me as a teenager and how, Syd Barrett and Black Sabbath, definitely changed my vision of the music, the way I composed songs. In 1998, I played guitar in a boring pop band far away from the music I really wanted to produce, so, I decided to start alone my first project, recording songs using two cassette players and a stereo microphone. Time flowed until this day of 2009 where I took my acoustic guitar and, even if I hadn’t played my teenager songs for a long time, I remembered everything: arrangements, structures, melodies and lyrics. It’s amazing to see how the human brain works, isn’t it? During the last 5 years, I changed lot of things, added songs, removed others, the title became, Dark Tales of Will Z. but the general idea is still there in the finished album.

Bro:  Will you be touring in support of the new album?  If so, when and where?

Will Z:  I play, Dark Tales of Will Z. live with, oG and Sammy Goldstein. We're planning to have gigs in Europe, especially in Holland and Germany where the audience is amazing. We are in touch with bigger promoters but, very often, they think my music is too weird for their "cool" festivals and they prefer to work with their "promoter friends" involved in the same 5 or 10 "great bands of the moment". I'm in the psychedelic scene since 2008 and I saw lots of "great bands of the moment" touring again and again at the same "cool" festivals but since then they disappeared while I'm still here, having an album out every year. 

Bro:  Your sound is very unique.  So, “cheesy” interview question, who are your influences?

Will Z:  The first day, I fall in love with the last, Vashti Bunyan, album and I want to create an intimate folk song; the second day, I discover a new avant-garde black metal project and I record a tremolo picking part; the third day, a friend gives me a wah-wah fuzz from the 70's and I want to turn the song into an experimental kosmische musik; the fourth day, after listening to a, Residents album, I create some textures with my synth and a turbo rat pedal; the fifth day, I add a sitar drone and tablas with flanger influenced by a psychedelic band; the sixth day, I find a nice vocal line after listening to the first, Nick Garrie, album. At the end of the week, I don't have six different songs, I've got one song with six ideas. I'm joking, but barely.

Bro:  Will Z., you seem poised to take over the world, any plans for world domination?  

Will Z:  My music is my only plan and to have fun. Because the, Will Z. world domination plan might be only a plan for a long time."

Special thanks to, Will Z. for having a six pack!  Bro-Metaler's, go check out, Will Z. and his new album, "The Dark Tales Of Will Z."  You will not be disappointed.

Click To Check Out "The Dark Tales Of Will Z." On Bandcamp

Click To Check Out "The Dark Tales Of Will Z." On Bandcamp

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