Loud & Heavy: Bro's Six Pack With, Nikos From TWINGIANT

Thanks to our good friends at, Dewar PR, it was recommend that I check out a band called, Twingiant.  It was a hell of a recommendation, Twingiant, in all of their, "loud as hell" sludgy metal glory, are killer. Their new album, "Devil Down," is a beast.  I give the album a Bro-Metal rating of, 8.5/10.  So as you can see, I am a fan.  Hailing from, Phoenix, Arizona, Twingiant is a force to be reckoned with and a must listen for all, Bro-Metaler's.  I was was lucky enough to catch up with, Twingiant guitarist, Nikos, for a quick "six pack" of questions.  Enjoy!  -Bro



Bro:  Rock and Metal comes in many different forms.  How would you describe your style of metal?

Nikos (Twingiant):  We call it loud and heavy.  Others have called it sludge metal, stoner rock or stoner metal. 

Bro:  How did you get started as a band?  Oh, and who came up with the band name?

Nikos:  Twingiant was originally formed in, 2010 by two members, Chris (Bass) and Dave (Guitars), who wanted to play stoner rock/post metal type of music. They recruited a drummer by the name of, Willy and me (Nikos), to fill out the line-up. Jarrod, the only vocalist we’ve had, joined a short time later. Originally it was a three guitar band, but then we changed our minds and decided we needed more low end after our first gig. Chris, who was originally a bassist, switched back to bass. Shortly after, "Mass Driver," was released, Chris was released from the band and Jarrod, who was only doing vocals at the time, took over bass duties. Last summer, Dave, the founding member, left the band. Tony, replaced him on guitar. The line-up has been stable since then.  

As far as the band name goes, It’s a long story but the first album, "Mass Driver," was a concept album.  The concept is basically about a futuristic space hobo that got sucked up in a garbage bin in outer space and his travels in order to return to his humble abode of garbage.  Twingiant, refers to the two twin giant suns in space that he spots.

Bro:  I am a huge fan of, “Devil Down!”  What was the recording process like?

Nikos:  We recorded, "Devil Down," during the late summer at, Arcane Digital Recording, in Tempe, Arizona.  The studio is owned and operated by, Ryan Butler of Landmine Marathon/Unruh fame.  Ryan, is a super cool dude so the recording process went smoothly and it was a ton of fun recording there.  It was nothing but fun and it went by fast. 

Bro:  What is your touring schedule like?  Any crazy stories from the road you want to share?

Nikos:  We don’t really have a “touring schedule” because we pretty much work full-time jobs, have families, etc.  We are really hoping to get out for a 4 or 5 city trek at some point next year.  We’re also open to doing festival type shows, hint, hint, since they don’t require much time away. 

In 2013, we went on a small tour through California and Nevada in support of the, "Sin Nombre" EP.  There were some shenanigans but nothing too outrageous.  We had a blast though. 

Bro:  Who are your influences?

Nikos:  There are so many.  If we’re talking musically, you can pretty much include the whole spectrum.  All four of us come from some pretty different backgrounds musically but when we get together and write, it sounds like, "Mas Driver," "Sin Nombre" and "Devil Down."  

Bro: What’s next for, Twingiant?  

Nikos:  Well, 2015 is shaping up to be a busy year for us.  We’ll have our release show in February and then a couple of nice shows that we have yet to announce after that.  We’re going to hit the studio again and record a couple of songs for a split release with our brothers in Tucson called, Goatroper.  They’re getting ready to release their debut album pretty soon and they’re playing our release show also.  If all the planets align right, we’re hoping to do a mini-tour come fall.


Thanks to, Nikos and Twingiant, for having a six pack with, Bro.  I enjoyed it immensely.  Bro-Meter's, don't forget to go check out, Twingiant.  They play, "loud and heavy," and it will be music to your ears.


Twingiant is: Jarrod Le Blanc (Vocals/Bass). Tony Gallegos (Guitars), Nikos Mixas (Guitars) and Jeff Ramon (Drums).  

Click Here To Get "Devil Down" You Won't Be Sorry

Click Here To Get "Devil Down" You Won't Be Sorry

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