Bro's Six Pack With, The Kahless Clone

The Kahless Clone, is an instrumental band that forges the vibe of dark metal, with the sonic landscape and emotional buildups of post-rock. This project was started by, Vito Marchese, of the Chicago based dark metal band, Novembers Doom, as an outlet for some of the instrumental songs he had been writing. Vito and The Kahless Clone's, EP, "The Endless Loop," out March 17th, is musical magic.  Every time I listen to it I get goose bumps.  It is a powerful, beautiful and intense piece of instrumental art.  Needless to say, I was pumped to catch up with, Vito, for a "six pack" interview.  Enjoy.  -Bro


Bro:  Your sound is hard to describe.  Its powerful, beautiful and intense.  How would you describe it? 

Vito:  Thank you so much for those kind words!  I have a hard time describing the sound myself, haha.  The simplest description I have is, dark instrumental music.  Usually when people say, “instrumental music” in the metal or heavy rock scene, they mean technical, shredder type of groups.  Animals as Leaders, Paul Wardingham, Keith Merrow, etc.  I love and listen to that type of music a lot, but ,The Kahless Clone, is definitely not one of those bands.  I wanted the focus of this group to be about emotional music that would wash over you, and you could get lost in.  Building a heavy and moody atmosphere was what I was going for.

Bro:  How did you the Kahless Clone come to be?

Vito:  I started, The Kahless Clone, in 2013 as a project to release some of the instrumental songs I had been writing.  These were songs and ideas that I didn’t think fit into the other bands I was/am in.  I was fortunate enough to be able to work with some really great musicians and friends of mine from the Chicago scene to help me record this EP.  Zach Libbe, Garry Naples, Andy Bunk, and Ben Johnson had a big role in making these songs come out the way they did.  It took me a while to save up the money to record, and get some open studio time to do it.  Chris Wisco, my producer and engineer, is always booked up solid, but it was definitely worth the wait.  Chris, really knew what I was going for, and made it happen.

Bro:  I cant tell you enough how amazing your EP, “The Endless Loop” truly is.  When I listen to it gives me chills.  What is the story behind the EP?

Vito:  Thanks so much man, I’m glad you had that reaction!  With these songs being instrumental, the music and song titles needed to evoke the emotion instead of the lyrics.  Sometimes the music in non-instrumental bands doesn’t do that.  It just serves as the foundation for the lyrics to make you feel something.  I wanted to have song titles that started to put you into a certain state of mind before you heard the music.  Then when you heard the music, it would take you the rest of the way there.  One reason I wanted to do instrumental songs in the first place, was to appeal to a variety of people.  It’s so common to hear people say “Man, I would like this band so much more if they didn’t scream”, or “Man, I would like this band so much more if they screamed”.  Bands that do either of those things have music that is worth listening to, and that you can take something away from.  It’s just hard for some people to get passed the vocals.  With instrumental music, I think it’s a more level playing field.

Bro:  Will you be touring in support of the new album?  If so, when and where?

Vito:  Yes, playing live and touring is going to be a main focus of this band.  We are currently booking shows to promote the release of,  "An Endless Loop."  The plan is to do regional and national touring this year.  With the cost of travel being so high, there aren't any plans for international shows at the moment.  If an opportunity comes up, we’ll definitely look into it though.  I’m always looking for bands that I think would fit well with our music.  If you are a band that likes what we do, get in touch with us.

Bro:  Your sound is very unique.  So, “cheesy” interview question, who are your influences?

Vito:  My main influences at the moment are, This Will Destroy You, Ghost Brigade, Nine Inch Nails, and Chevelle.  There a lot of bands that have influenced me over the years, and continue to do so, but I find myself really connected to these four groups right now.  I haven’t heard any other bands do what these bands do for me.  I wanted to take elements that I enjoy from each of their sounds, and combine it into something dark and powerful.

Bro: Ok, so what is the plan for The Kahless Clone and world domination?  

Vito:  I think world domination is a little too premature haha, BUT there are steps we will be taking to get, The Kahless Clone, out there to a wide variety of people.  Apart from internet promotion, we’ll be focusing on making our live show very strong, and playing to as many people as we can.  I’d like to record the follow up to this debut EP later this year as well.

Vito was able to secure the talents of Zach Libbe, Garry Naples, Andy Bunk, and Ben Johnson to help him record the debut EP, titled "An Endless Loop."  It will be released on, 3.17.15, and I would strongly recommend checking it out.  Thanks Vito, for taking the time to have a six pack.  I am a big fan of the EP and it is on heavy rotation at the Bro-Metal offices. 

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