Bro's Six Pack With Meadows End

Hey there, its Bro.  I had a chance to catch up with Rob (keyboards) and Hel (bass) from the band Meadows End.  Hailing from a small town in northern Sweden called Örnsköldsvik. The band formed in 1998 and years of demos and period of hibernation followed.  It was not until 2009 when half the band members were exchanged that Meadows End decided it was business time. In 2010 the first full length album "Ode To Quietus" was produced and released by the band themselves.  In June 2014 the follow up, "The Sufferwell," was released!  I am a HUGE fan of the album and this band!  Enjoy my "six pack" with, Meadows End.

Bro:  Metal comes in many different forms.  How would you describe your style of metal?

Hel:  I'd say we play a diverse melodic death metal with strong symphonic influences.

Bro:  How did you get started as a band?

Hel: Ages ago, me and JD played together in a band that in 1998 turned into the first "draft" of what would become Meadows End. Before that, we played mostly covers. Metallica, Sepultura, Pantera and so on. But in '98 we got a dedicated vocalist and a keyboard player and went melodic death metal from then on.

Bro:  I have been listening to your album “The Sufferwell"and freaking love it!  What was the recording process like?

Rob: Basically we recorded almost everything at home. Tigers drums were recorded at the rehearsal place and The Brute recorded his vocals in Studio Rex but other than that each one of us recorded our stuff at home. Both good and bad, the bad being that we missed out on a lot of the crazy Meadows End recording process madness that usually happens when we all get together to record something, and the good being that we could take our time to really nail everything and get it as perfect as we wanted it to be!

Bro:  All metal fans love hearing stories from the road.  What is your touring schedule like?  Any crazy stories from the road you want to share?

Rob: Our touring schedule for the moment is pretty much non-existent since we've been focusing on “The Sufferwell” at 100% for a long time now. Hopefully this album will bring us some gigs! I guess the craziest thing we've done was when we drove a total of 2000 kilometres to play for 10 minutes... Twice…

Bro: Cheesy question for each of you:  Who are your musical influences?

Rob: For me I take a lot of inspiration from bands such as Dream Theater and Nightwish along with movie music, such as Hans Zimmer's work.  JD listens to a lot of Ex Deo and Katatonia, Johan is more in to the faster and darker stuff such as Aborted and Watain. Tiger is a huge Gojira fan, Hel loves Opeth and the old Sepultura and Rik likes Embraced, Meshuggah and Dark Tranquility to name a few.

Bro: Final question, what does  Meadows End have in store for 2014

Hel: - Besides having released our latest album, “The Sufferwell", in June and promoting the hell out of it (as we keep on doing) we're currently taking a small pause to reload the batteries and then blast away with gigs and writing new material during the autumn.

Meadows End is:

Johan 'The Brute' Brandberg - vocals

Jan Dahlberg - guitar & vocals

Mats Helli - bass

Robin Mattsson -  keyboards & orchestrations

Rikard Öqvist - guitar

Daniel Tiger - drums

A BIG Bro-Metal thanks to Rob and Hel from, Meadows End!  We are BIG fans of this band.  Check out the links below to listen and learn about the band and their great new album, "The Sufferwell"  Support this band!

Click Here To Check Out "The Sufferwell" On iTunes

Click Here To Check Out "The Sufferwell" On iTunes