Filthy, Garage, Blues, Surf, Punk Explosion! Bro's Six Pack With KNUCKLE

First things first, hold on to your seats...

Jump If You Want Follow Knuckle On Facebook!

Jump If You Want Follow Knuckle On Facebook!

I was chatting with, Wall Of Sound PR, and they turned me on to a little band from, Huddersfield UK, by the name of, Knuckle.  I downloaded their new album, "This Week's Been Hell" on Bandcamp and gave it a listen.  It...Is...Freaking...AWESOME!  I honestly can't stop listening.  I like it so much, I had to order it on vinyl.  

I was lucky enough to catch up with, Jonny Firth and Ben Wallbanks, who are in fact, Knuckle.  They were nice enough to have a "Six Pack" with Bro and they had said Six Pack after they, "just gigged/got hammered."  Knuckle, makes killer music, is a helluva good time and now has a fan for life in yours truly.

Here it is, my Filthy, Garage, Blues, Surf, Punk Explosion of a Six Pack with the maniacs from, Knuckle.  Enjoy, I sure as hell did.

Why Wouldn't You Follow These Guys On Twitter?  

Why Wouldn't You Follow These Guys On Twitter?  


Bro:  Rock comes in many different forms.  How would you describe your style of music? 

Knuckle:  A filthy garage, blues, punk mix infused with influences of rock and roll from yesteryear.

Bro: How did you get started as a band? 

Knuckle:  We met at a Halloween gig that we were both playing at. Ben, was dressed with a potato sack on his head and a rice sack on his body.  Jonny, was dressed as himself.  Ben, saw Jonny play and said, "you play guitar like I play drums, let's start a band."  We jammed a few times then started gigging!

Bro:  I downloaded “This Week’s Been Hell" and have been listening to it non-stop.  What was the recording process like?

Knuckle:  The recording process was awesome.  We recored it to tape at, Greenmount Studios, Leeds, all live, in a week.  The guys did a great job engineering and mixing our sound.

Bro:  All music fans love hearing stories from the road.  What is your touring schedule like?  Any crazy stories from the road you want to share?

Knuckle:  Our second gig, we took a friend home in the back of the van and he barfed all over our gear and himself.  We've not had time to make any crazy tour stories yet, but Ben once woke up in a mental institution in The Czech Republic on tour... There will be plenty of stories soon.

Bro: Cheesy question for each of you:  Who are your musical influences? 

Knuckle:  Influences come from all over.  From Zep to Elvis and Johnny Cash.  I think we owe The Black Keys some dues, as they influenced Jonny to play the guitar and sing after being a drummer for years.

Bro: What’s next for Knuckle? 

Knuckle:  Next comes party/gig/party/tour/party/gig/album/fight/broken nose/booze.


Thanks to Jonny and Ben for having a Six Pack with Bro.  You guys are a blast!  I can only hope that I can one day share a pint with you maniacs in person.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed our interweb "Six Pack," but I have a feeling that a Knuckle, "gig/get hammered," would be the stuff that dreams are made of...

Bro-Metaller's, support this band.  Go check out their album, "This Week's Been Hell" and help spread the word.  Details on where and how are below.


Click Here To Check Out "This Week's Been Hell" On Bandcamp

Click Here To Check Out "This Week's Been Hell" On Bandcamp

Follow Knuckle on Twitter @weareknuckle and Facebook weareknuckle

Just in case you didn't notice the giant picture of, "This Week's Been Hell," here is the link to Knuckle's Bandcamp page.