Bro's Six Pack With Black Shapes

For this installment of the old "Six Pack" with Bro, I caught up with, Rich from Back Shapes.  Not only is it a great "six pack" but I have to admit I have been a fan of Black Shapes for a while so this one is extra special.  The four man crew formed in mid 2011 and have released two EPs (self titled in 2011 and 'In The Mourning Light' in 2012), a single ('Let Valhalla Burn' in 2012) and a full length album ('Sleep, Sleep, Sleep' in 2013).  By the way "Sleep, Sleep, Sleep" is on heavy rotation at the Bro-Metal office.  With hardcore and punk influences, this band is one you will definitely have to check out!  Plus, Rich is a Prince fan and personally, I think that's fly!

Bro:  Metal comes in many different forms.  How would you describe your style of metal?

Black Shapes: I wouldn't call us a metal band, especially not straight up metal. We are certainly influenced by many different metal bands, but we actually come from punk/hardcore backgrounds. We've all played in various punk and hardcore bands (as well as metal bands) over the last 10+ years and the ideals and influences have stayed with us all the way through to Black Shapes. I'd say that we're a mix of many different sounds and vibes. 


Bro:  How did you get started as a band?

Black Shapes: It was basically just four friends that had been in bands before that wanted to make some new noise. There were no real pre conceived ideas about what we wanted to sound like. We just wrote an EP that we would want to listen to. It was that simple. 


Bro:  I own your album "Sleep Sleep Sleep” and listen to it a ton.  Are there any plans to release more music?

Black Shapes: Thanks for checking it out. We're fans of it ourselves! 

There are definitely plans to release new music. 


Bro:  All metal fans love hearing stories from the road.  What is your touring schedule like?  Any crazy stories from the road you want to share?

Black Shapes: Our touring schedule has been slower this year due to us having other commitments. We'd love to be able to tour non stop but it's just not viable. That being said, we are touring with Employed To Serve and Howls next month. We're also looking to book weekenders and short tours into the rest of 2014.

As for 'crazy stories', there have certainly been a few weird things happen to us. We're pretty much one of the most unlucky bands in the world when it comes to touring. Let's just say there's been enough alcohol, drugs, blood, sweat and tears for us to have a fair few stories for the grandchildren...not that telling grandchildren about drug use would be a good idea! Stay in school kids! Say no to drugs…


Bro: Cheesy question for each of you:  Who are your musical influences?

Black Shapes: That’s always a hard question because we've all grown up and carried on with so much different music. There're honestly WAY too many to talk about. I can tell you that I've been listening to shit load of Prince recently! 


Bro: Final question, what does Black Shapes have in store for 2014

Black Shapes: We honestly couldn't tell you any exact plans right now. We're going to tour next month and then we'll be settling down to write more of what will build the next chapter of this band.

Black Shapes Band:

Gareth Evans - Vocals and guitar 

Mike Ager - Guitar and vocals 

Richard Wooding - Drums and vocals 

The Unnamed Bassist - Bass 

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Thanks to Rich for having a "six pack" with me!  Again, I am a huge fan of this band and highly recommend you check them out immediately.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  

Check out the video for "Sin Of Sinners"