Bro's Six Pack With American Deathwish

Cody and Cameron from the band, American Deathwish, were crazy enough to be a part of the first "Bro's Six Pack."  Six questions with the up and coming metal maniacs from West Virginia.  These metal loving, old country listening, horror video making, Squidbillies fans put out their self titled album "American Deathwish in 2012.  The thrash influenced album has become a favorite of mine and the videos (there are two versions) for "Six Degrees" are great.  Plus, there may or may not be a "metalized" version of the Squidbillies Theme Song floating out there (click link at the bottom of the page to see for yourself).  These guys are Bro-Metal "approved" and we suggest you go get their music today!  Plus, they are good dudes.


Bro:  Metal comes in many different forms.  How would you describe your style of metal?

AD:  We play an older style, thrash influenced metal.

Bro:  How did you get started as a band?

AD:  It was a lot like Con Air.

Bro:  "American Deathwish" has been out for a few years.  Is there another album on the horizon?

AD:  We always have new material, but the problem is time to record it, we just need someone to pay us to do it.
We are working on new stuff now, there are a lot of songs we are pretty exicted to release.

Bro:  All metal fans love hearing stories from the road.  What is your touring schedule like?  Any crazy stories from the road you want to share?

 AD:  We focus on more studio stuff like music videos and recordings. (We have a new video coming out soon.)  But, we used to tour a lot and there were a lot of crazy times. 

 One time at a show, a friend of ours had his amp stolen.  We saw the amp thief running outside.  So, we got a group together and started trying to hunt the guy down.  All we knew was that he was wearing a white hoodie.  After searching for the guy, a street smart friend of mine said it would be behind the dumpster in the 
alley by the Dollar General. (That is where the crackheads stash all their stolen stuff a.k.a their crack bounties.)

 When we all meet back up, one group said they had a guy in a white hoodie cornered at knife point.The guy in the white hoodie was so scared, he started pissing his pants.  Then, our buddy's phone rings.It was me calling, I told him we found the amp.  So, he hangs up the phone and puts his knife away.  Then he tells the guy they had cornered "Oh, hey they found it.  See ya later." and left this dude with piss soaked jeans in an alley at about 2 in the morning.

 Another time, we blew a tire on our tour bus and had to have our uncle bring us one.  We barely made it to the venue and we had to go on stage late.  The club was awesome, it had sharpie drawings and quotes floor to ceiling on every wall. They sold motorcycles inside the club.  Somehow, amazingly enough the bathrooms were the cleanest bathrooms we had ever seen in a public place.  I'm talking cleaner than a hippie van after a DEA raid.

 Then on the way back home, we found out that the gas fill tube on the tour bus got fucked up when the tire blew.  So we couldn't get anymore gas, and only had just enough to go straight back home.  Of course, there was a detour from construction.  Well, we started reading maps and shit and eventually made it back.

Bro: Cheesy question for each of you:  Who are your musical influences?

  Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe was the first album I ever bought, still a great album.  Lots of different stuff though, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, High on fire and Sleep.
  A lot of old country like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams and off the wall stuff like the Gorillaz.

   I listen to music all day in my shop, so I end up changing around to different types of music. Some influences would be Eazy E, Megadeth, High on Fire, John Hartford, Rage against the Machine, really just too many to list haha.

Bro: Final question, how do you feel about the Squidbillies?

AD: That show has some funny shit.  We have always liked the theme song (obviously.)  Adult Swim has some hilarious stuff, we have watched it from the beginning, they have some new shows that are pretty good like Rick and Morty and Space Dandy.


Well, the first "Six Pack" is now officially in the books.  Special thanks to the guys in American Deathwish for being our first subjects.  

As you know, we here at Bro-Metal love ALL metal.  We love talking about ALL metal.  We love supporting up and coming metal bands that are busting their asses to get their word out.  American Deathwish, is a band to watch and we will do everything we can to get their word out.  We think you should too!  Check out their music and click the button below to check out their webpage (and possibly a free download) and follow them on twitter @A_Deathwish and Facebook

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