Big Sound And An Even Bigger Future: Bro's Interview With, Karl Bagnel Of Victory Heights

Coming off of an extensive US and European tour, Denver's, Victory Heights, is a young band with a big sound and an even bigger future.  Their 2014 release, "In Motion," is proof of how big this band can and will be.  Lead singer, Karl Bagnel, was kind enough to spend a few minutes catching us up on the band, the recent tour, as well as, a preview into their upcoming album.  The new album will have a sound that Karl describes as, "raw, passionate and real."  After listening to, "In Motion," and hearing Karl's description, I am absolutely stoked to hear the new album.  It's worth repeating, Victory Heights is a young band with a big sound and an even bigger future.  Once you read my interview with, Karl, you will see exactly what I mean.  -Bro

Bro:  I will be frank, I just got my hands on your album, “In Motion” and the sound is big!  How would you describe your music?

Karl:  Glad you enjoyed, “In Motion.” I seriously look forward to you hearing our new work; we are very proud of it. How would I describe our music? That is a tough question. As corny as it sounds, our music is real. We don't strive to be heavy, catchy, or really anything sound wise. I guess we just write what comes out. The way I would describe our new record is raw, passionate and real. We just hope people will connect to the songs to the same degree we have. 

Bro:  How did Victory Heights come to be? Where did the name come from?

Karl:  The story of how VH came to be is quite long and probably a bit tedious. Sam and I (Karl,) started the band at the beginning of 2009 and were absolutely terrible. We worked our asses off to make a name for ourselves in the Denver scene. After years and years of hard practice, writing music began to click. The line up changed many times. The most notable change was me moving from the drums to vocals. Victory Heights is currently made up of five dudes who know nothing but this. Everyone here was born for this.

Bro: Like I mentioned earlier, “In Motion” is a big time album (I am a big fan).  What is the story behind the album?

Karl:  Again, the story behind In Motion is long and tedious. Due to conflicting schedules with our producer and several member changes, this record took us like... more than two years to finish. The lyrics were written at a time when I was facing quite a bit of adversity in my relationships with some people who were important to me, and that manifested itself into the majority of my lyrical content.

Bro:  I’ve heard through he grapevine there is a new album on the way.  Is it going to be a true follow up to “In Motion” or a totally new direction?  Oh, and is there a title and release date?

Karl:  There is in fact a brand new record in the works. We are literally shaking with excitement about it. It isn't a follow up to, “In Motion,” as a ton of evolution has taken place in the past year. We have really begun to iron out our musical niche. The new record is very angry and very aggressive, without being too heavy. Genre wise, it is very hard to place. Unfortunately, I can't give away anything about the name, and I do not have a release date yet. I'd guess it would be out late this year though!

Bro:  What does your upcoming tour schedule look like?  Any chance of hitting the US?

Karl:  Actually, for the first time in quite some time, we don't have a whole lot of tour planned. We just finished up with a pretty extensive US and UK tour yesterday. A few of us are taking a few weeks off to back pack Italy, Germany and Czech Republic. I'd imagine we will be back out trying to hit some of the markets we haven't played in a while at the end of the summer. We are really hoping to land some really good support slots on some bigger tours during Fall and Winter. I would say that most states in the U.S. could expect at least one VH show before the end of the year. 

Bro: Ok, so what is the plan for, Victory Heights, and world domination?  

Karl:  The plan is as follows. Continue working our asses off to be the best band and the best people we can be. We have managed to play in almost every state in the US, and five countries on our own. We obviously aren't about to slow down. Hopefully the next step is landing some bigger support slots and festivals. Count on hearing a lot more from us.

Big thanks to, Karl for a great interview.  Bro-Metaler's, jump on the, Victory Heights band wagon now while their is room.  This is a band with a big sound and an even bigger future.  Listen to, "In Motion," and I will save you a seat on the band wagon because I am already on board.

              Download "In Motion"

              Download "In Motion"

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