Buying Kittens With American Dollars: Bro's Six Pack With Zack Of Publicist UK

So, our good buddy, Curtis Dewar, of Dewar PR, turned me on to, Publicist UK, and a couple of their demos.  All I can say is, thank you Curtis, because once I listened to them I was an immediate fan and knew I had to set up a six pack.  First things first, go check out Publicist UK's demos, "Slow Dancing To This Bitter Earth" and "Never Gone to School" on SoundCloud (to do so click here).  They are truly amazing songs with a unique sound that I would describe as a metal Talking Heads.  I am a huge fan of both metal and The Talking Heads so I am obviously now a HUGE, Publicist UK fan.  Second, Zachary "Zack" Lipez (if I can call you Zack, my brother), has delivered one of the finest Bro-Metal six pack interviews of all time.  Not only is Zack a great singer, he is also a great interview.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy my six pack with, Zack.  -Bro


Bro:  How would you describe Publicist UK?

Zack:  Well, bro (if I can call you “brother”, which I truly feel like you are), I would describe us a band, a band of brothers if you will. We draw from pretty disparate influences I guess, though we obviously all have some basic underlying love of metal and hardcore. I’d like to avoid being a “post” anything band but can’t blow against the wind. So, I guess we’re post-punk, post, ugh, metal, and post-worrying too much where we fit in.

Bro:  How did you get started as a band?  Oh, and who came up with the band name?  

Zack:  I failed at life and the band picked me up. To punish them for this, I picked a name guaranteed to make us both hard to Google and easy to make fun of. I think, in 2015, publicists are plenty metal. And the UK not only has the band Queen, but a literal Queen. Can’t front on that.

More backstory: David O, asked if I wanted to be in a band with him and as I love him and am not too fucking dumb, I said yes. Dave W. and Brett heard a couple tracks and asked to join. Going back to the, “not being too dumb” thing, we said, “fuck yes.”

Bro:  Huge fan of your 2014 demos, “Never Gone To School” and “Slow Dancing To This Bitter Earth.”  What was the recording process like?

Zack:  Thank you. We like you too. Dave O. sent us songs on guitar. Then we added our own parts, rules and physical proximity be damned. I also ate a lot of chips, watched Netflix, and called my sister, who has always been a brother to me, just to say “hi.”

I think it’s hard to not be glib about stuff like this. Process isn’t super interesting outside of the moment, you know? There was a bit of back and forth between members but we have a pretty solid unspoken “I trust your choices” rule.

Bro:  How about the upcoming album?  How is the recording coming?  Is there a release date?

Zack:  The recording went very well I think. We recorded with, Dean Baltulonis, who has for years done consistently great stuff with bands of all genres. I slept in his basement and it was extremely cold and I watched the musical, Cats, which guess what, doesn’t really hold up. Very unrealistic. Again, what can I say? Staying within my Andrew Lloyd Webber theme: I’m extremely proud like a mama cat with beautiful kittens. But life is cruel and eventually kittens leave home so…Relapse will release them sometime in 2015. They, however, will not be given away. Buy our kittens with American dollars please.

Bro:  Will you be touring in support of the new album?  If so, when and where?

Zack:  Yes, a bit. We have babies and other bands and bills to pay and learning to walk while our dads were away and whatnot. Definitely Texas in March. Then later, but I honestly don’t know exactly, but we will for sure go to every town and people should get VERY irate if we don’t go to your town. Say something about us on the Internet, what’s the worst that will happen? (Side not from Bro, Zack if you can make it remotely close to Kansas City consider me there).

Bro: Publicist UK is poised to take over the world, any plans for world domination?  

Zack:  Yes.

Bro: Pretty fantastic response in this Bro's humble opinion. Can't front on that.



So, did I mention that Publicist UK is a super group?  Because they are, just check out their line up:

Vocals: Zachary Lipez (Freshkills)

Bass: Brett Bamberger (Revocation, East Of The Wall)

Guitar: David Obuchowski (Goes Cube, Distant Correspondent)

Drums: Dave Witte (Burnt By The Sun, Municipal Waste, Melt-Banana)


Follow Publicist UK: 

Be On The Lookout For Publicist UK's Debut Album In 2015 On Relapse Records.  Get your dollars ready to buy those kittens people! 

Don't worry, Bro-Metal will be all over it and will make sure to get the word out!

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