"It" Is Hard Rock With An Edge: Bro's Six Pack With Ben Poulin Of Entropy O.A.C.

Northern Wisconsin's, Entropy O.A.C, have "it."  You know, "it."  That "it" factor that makes a band memorable.  Sometimes it's hard to put your finger on what "it" is but in this case, "it" is, driving guitar and killer vocals.  Entropy O.A.C., play raw and rocking, hard rock/metal.  Many of Entropy O.A.C.'s, contemporaries, play watered down rock that is designed to appeal to the masses and not much more.  Entropy O.A.C., have great appeal but are still able to keep that, edge, that sets them apart, their, "it."  Their new EP, "Dark Clouds And Clarity", out 3.21.15, is proof.  After sitting down for a six pack, with lead singer, Ben Poulson, you can see where a lot of their "it" comes from.  -Bro


Bro:  Your sound is big and powerful.  How would you describe it?

Ben:  Its pretty simple to us, we don't really focus on trying to have any certain reoccurring sound or really worry about if its a powerful heavier sound or a more melody driven sound. We usually start out with a riff from our guitar player Austin. Most of the time he has it 75% finished when we get to hear it, so the sound really manifests from us making what he brings in, into a complete piece. We are pretty fortunate as far as that's concerned, because I feel that the easier it is to write as a group the more the sound is something pure and not so directed.

Bro:  How did Entropy OAC come to be? Where did the name come from?

Ben:  We started it out many years ago just called Entropy, at that time released an album called "Smiles for stab wounds" and went through years of losing band members drinking way too much, fights and just not really doing things with the right attitude at all. So, then the band ended for roughly 3 years. When we started back up Josh (Bass) and I, (the 2 original members) found Austin Wagner (Guitar) a guy from this little tiny town called Cameron WI, along with Brandon Hall (Drums) another guy from another little tiny town nearby. So, a lot had changed and we altered our name to Entropy O.A.C.  To stand apart and because of another band having certain rights, the O.A.C. Stands for "Ordo Ab Chao" (side note, this translates to, Order Out OF Chaos).

Bro:  I really dig your new EP, “Dark Clouds And Clarity.”  What is the story behind the EP?

Ben:  Lyrically speaking, its about the many things I've been conflicted and affected by things I've had to overcome personally, I think many of us out there suppress a lot of negativity and go day to day with stressful things that hold us down or alter our ability to strive.. This EP was influenced by those dark moments in life that can take over if you don't find a way to rid yourself of them. I am really fortunate to have an outlet like this band to vent it all out, these guys are great musicians.  

Bro:  Will you be touring in support of the new EP?  If so, when and where?  How about Kansas City?

Ben: We are currently getting all of our postproduction stuff taken care of, rehearsing and getting ready to start booking the summer. And we will do our best to get to K.C.! Maybe we'll meet up and hang out some time!

Bro:  Entropy OAC has a big and powerful sound.  So, “cheesy” interview question, who are your influences?

Ben: OK I'm just going to throw a bunch of ours into one here with no particular order... Soilwork, Killswitch, Incubus, 3 (the band) Deftones, STP, Motion city soundtrack, Snot, Mudvayne, Pantera, American head charge, Stone Sour to name a few.

Bro: OK, so what is the plan for Entropy OAC and world domination? 

Ben:  Haha! I don't know if we are a band that can achieve that...  but I guess you never know what could happen if you work hard enough and I've always wanted to travel!

Thanks Ben, for a great interview.  Make sure to check out, Entropy O.A.C.'s upcoming EP, "Dark Clouds Of Clarity."  "It" is hard rock with an edge.


Entropy O.A.C is: singer Ben Poulin, guitarist Austin Wagner, drummer Brandon Hall, and Bassist Josh Aalto.

Check Out New Music From Entropy OAC

Check Out New Music From Entropy OAC

Check out the killer track and video, "Realm Of Grey," off of the upcoming, "Dark Clouds And Clarity," EP.

Get Entropy OAC's 2011 EP, "What Nightmares Are Made Of"

Get Entropy OAC's 2011 EP, "What Nightmares Are Made Of"

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