Power, Thrash And World Domination: Bro's Six Pack With, Alexey Of Distant Sun

I love thrash.  I dig power metal.  Distant Sun, combines both (and more) which means, I dig Distant Sun.  Hailing from, Moscow, Russia, Alexey Markov (vox and guitar), has put together a band that plays, fast, aggressive and melodic metal.  With influences, such as, Rage, Blind Guardian, Annihilator and Iced Earth, Distant Sun's recent release, "Dark Matter," is melodic speed perfection.  "Dark Matter," is the follow up to 2012's, "Sunless Citadel" EP and with the additions of, Erland Sivolapov (drums) and Artem Molodtsov (bass), the album has a big sound that will appeal to all metal fans.  I was able to track down, Alexey, for a "six pack" and we discussed, Distant Sun's plans for, world domination.  Hope you enjoy the interview, I know I did.  -Bro


Bro:  Distant Sun has a unique sound, thrash with a sprinkle of power?   How would you describe your music?

Alexey:  Exactly like you put it – a good mixture of power and thrash. We are aggressive, fast and melodic. Maybe too aggressive even – the album turned out to be way heavier than we expected. I don’t know if that’s good or bad – fans will have a say. We’re aiming at listeners of Blind Guardian, Annihilator, Rage and Iced Earth.

Bro:  How did Distant Sun come to be? Where did the name come from?

Alexey:  I guess the name appeared after playing a few tabletop strategy games of, Galactic Domination. I also used to read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy books in my childhood. That’s how these things come to mind. I enjoy reading Wikipedia too. Like, astronomy and quantum physics. For fun. Nothing too nerdy. Dark matter, dark energy, galactic clusters, neutron stars. They taunt me.

Bro: Your new album, “Dark Matter” is a beast.  What is the story behind the album?

Alexey:  The first EP (Sunless Citadel) was basically a blast from my past. But I always wanted to produce a real thing, a full length. And it had to be brand-new – ‘cause an album that’s, like, 10 years old is a lame start. So I started getting musical ideas together, combining riffs, writing the lyrics. I spent a whole month writing texts for about an hour a day (I churned out about 40 drafts), and then we chose the lyrics that fit the mood best, and I worked on them some more.
When we had like 4-5 songs ready, we started to record them in the studio (in September 2014), and a studio always inspires me, so we had this huge morale boost to finish the rest.

Bro:  “Dark Matter” is a complex album with a big sound.  Who took care of the song writing duties?

Alexey:  Our bassist, Artem Molodstov and myself. He wrote, “Matrix Hacked,” I wrote a few songs on my own, (“Kill the Fremen,” “Dark Matter,” “Shattered Empire,” and the ballad – “Gifts of Journey”), and the rest we wrote together - sitting for about week in my country house. We did grab a few beers. For lead guitar parts we invited various guys who can really play and they sorta polished the cake.

The sound was engineered by, Arkady Navaho, our Russian metal master from, CosmosStudio. It was expensive, but worth it.

Bro:  What does your upcoming tour schedule look like?  Any crazy stories from the road?

Alexey:  Not yet! Since our drummer lives in another city (in fact, in another country – Ukraine, that is), we have troubles playing live. So we might play a few acoustic shows to start the machine rolling. After that we really hope to get together, rehearse and hit the road – Russia, Ukraine, maybe European festivals – if we get invited. I know some day we will.

Bro:  Ok, so what is the plan for, Distant Sun, and world domination?  

Alexey:  It’s funny you knew about our world domination plans. We kept them in secret, but I guess we’ve got a rat. 

We want to shoot a video or two. I hear it helps to dominate.  Then we want to start working on the 2nd full-length really soon. Most bands split up after the 1st one, but we won’t. We have this plan and all.


Special thanks to, Alexey Markov, for a fantastic six pack.  Bro-Metaler's, Distant Sun, is a force to reckoned with.  They have the perfect combination of power and thrash and are poised for, world domination.  

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