Progressive Space Jazz Rock. Bro's Six Pack With Kevin From Crowned In Earth

The bio on, Crowned In Earth, is as follows:  Crowned In Earth, first came into being in 2008, the earthly manifestation of the musical vision of, Kevin Lawry.  Kevin, had already made a name for himself with his one-man, epic doom entity, Silent Winter, but under the Crowned In Earth banner he gradually began to spread his wings.  Amazing bio right?  I can tell you that the music, Kevin, makes is so complex and amazing, that even this great bio from my friends at, Imperative PR, can't fully sum him up.  I think the, Imperative folks would agree, Kevin's music is impossible to describe fully.  That is what makes the music so killer.  Crowned In Earth's new album, "Metempsychosis," is a musical mind melter.  It combines so many different styles and influences and is an amazing musical journey.  Kevin, was kind enough to crack open a six pack with me and discuss his musical influences, the new album and more.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  -Bro

Bro:  Your sound is trippy prog goodness.  How would you describe it?

Kevin:  Thanks very much! I describe, Crowned In Earth, as being Progressive Space Jazz Rock. I think that has all the elements covered!

Bro:  How did Crowned In Earth come to be?

Kevin:  Crowned In Earth, came to be around 2008 as a solo project where I played all the instruments. I wanted an outlet to play different musical styles which didn’t fit in with my then main band. Crowned In Earth records are really, Kevin Lawry, solo albums. Over the last few years the sound of, Crowned In Earth, has evolved into what it is today. I’ve also been lucky to be joined on the records by, Darin McCloskey, who is an excellent drummer and has become a key ingredient to band’s recorded sound. Additionally, Pug Kirby, played bass on the new record too!

Bro:  “Metempsychosis” is an amazing album.  I am a Huge fan!  What is the story behind the album?

Kevin:  The story of, ‘Metempsychosis,’ is that it was written when I was going through some major changes in my life. Along with those, I was musically very bored and looking for inspiration to write music again. I rediscovered all the progressive rock bands I used to listen too when I was a kid and this helped inspire me. On, ‘A Vortex of Earthly Chimes,’ (released 2012) there was a lot of progressive rock influences and I built more upon that with, ‘Metempsychosis’.  

Bro:  Will you be touring in support of the new album?  If so, when and where?

Kevin:  There are currently no plans to tour. However, I have been looking for session musicians to join for live gigs.

Bro:  So, “cheesy” interview question, who are your influences?

Kevin:  The main influences on my writing are Camel, Genesis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Mike Oldfield. These are generally bands that rely on a keen sense of melody rather than technical wizardry. This is what I try and bring into my own music. 

Bro: What does 2015 hold for Crowned In Earth?

Kevin:  If I can get a band together I would like to concentrate on gigging this year. If not, I will begin writing the next, Crowned In Earth, record in the autumn. 

Thanks to Kevin for taking the time to catch up.  Crowned In Earth, and the new album, "Metempsychosis," are a truly amazing musical journey, that pushes the musical boundaries and shows what is truly possible when you don't allow those boundaries to limit you.  

Check out the amazing track, "But An Echo"

Click To Get "Metempsychosis" On Bandcamp

Click To Get "Metempsychosis" On Bandcamp

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