Heavy & Haunting: Bro's Six Pack With Phil From, Countless Skies

Countless Skies, have an epic sound.  When I first listed to their self titled EP, I was struck with how it hit you in the face but still had a complexity to it.  "Heavy and haunting," indeed.  Complex and aggressive, England's, Countless Skies, meld many musical elements to create amazing music.  I was lucky enough to catch up with bassist and vocalist, Phil Romeo, and an eloquent and passionate, six pack, ensued.  -Bro


Bro:  What a loud and powerful metal sound. How would you describe it?

Phil:  Haunting and melancholic, heavy and unforgiving in approach yet epic and uplifting in it's resolve. We're huge fans of song writing and want to present listeners with what we feel, not just riff and showboat. When people get into what we do, it's pretty much the best feeling ever.

Bro:  How did Countless Skies come to be? Where did the name come from?

Phil:  It's the name of an amazing track by one of our favorite bands, Bel'akor. A nod to artists that inspire us: plus what's more epic than the sky?

Bro:  Your self-titled EP Is a beast! What is the story behind the album?

Phil:  Thanks bro! We've all been pretty passionate about song writing for as long as we can remember, but the origins of this EP comes from Ross and Pratt. The idea of the music was to produce something with the heavy canvas of metal and haunting melodies of our own art: influenced greatly by our heroes. We finally knuckled down one day and just decided to self produce and release, itching to get our feet off the ground.

Bro:  Will you be touring in support of the new EP?  If so, when and where?

Phil:  We definitely have a number of shows coming up, since the EP we've seen a modest influx of offers and opportunities come our way. We're currently in the semi finals for Metal to the Masses, hoping to earn a shot at Bloodstock this year (Castle Tavern in Luton, an awesome venue for metal!). We're also playing a Mammoth Fest warmup show in Cambridge (Portland Arms, another sweet venue if you're in the area).

Bro:  Countless Skies have a powerful sound.  So, “cheesy” interview question, who are your influences?

Phil:  Whoa, so heavy! And incredibly cheesy! Sorry bro, we're sitting outside the Royal Albert Hall in London about to see Devin Townsend tear it up with his Z2 show. He's definitely right up there as a huge influence as a musician, producer and all around legend. (I envy his pipes). As frequently mentioned, we're big fans of Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, Bel'akor, Wintersun and too many more to mention.  I could be listing bands all day.

Bro: Ok, so what is the plan for Countless Skies and world domination?  

Phil:  Now the EPs done we've been hitting the road and getting live shows under our belt. We've just come to terms with including a backing track (we love those strings and world instruments bro) and it's made our live sound all the more epic. Other than that, we're writing a full album to record later in the year: the guys are really infused with a new passion since the EP and toiling away with their writing. If you like what you hear now, I think the best is yet to come! 


Thanks to, Phil, for an amazing interview.  Bro-Metaler's, Countless Skies, are passionate about music and play with complexity that is, heavy and haunting. Go check this band out, you will thank me.  Their self-titled EP, is phenomenal, so Phil, if the best is yet to come, then the sky is the limit.


Countless Skies Is 

Ross King: Vocals, Guitars

James Pratt: Guitars, Backing Vocals

Phil Romeo: Bassist, Backing Vocals

Nathan Robshaw:  Drums


      Click To Get "Countless Skies" EP 

      Click To Get "Countless Skies" EP 

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