Intense Music Wrapped In Beauty: Bro's Six Pack With, Scott From Callista.

I will be the first to admit this, I really dig ambient/post rock music with a hardcore edge. There is a beauty and intensity to it that I really gravitate to.  That being said, ambient/post rock and hardcore are not easy to mix.  When not done well, it can be a muddled mess, but when it is done well, it can be perfection.  Hailing from, Brighton, UK, Callista's music is definitely the later, perfection.  After getting my hands on their 2014 EP, "The Weight Of The World," I became an immediate fan.  With a new EP, due for release this year, Callista, is poised to have a big 2015.  Their first single off the aforementioned EP, "Hemingway," is an absolute gem and a preview of glorious things to come (check out the video for "Hemingway" below).  I was lucky enough to catch up with, Scott, the leader singer from, Callista, and a great "six pack" interview was had.  - Bro

Bro:  You all have an intense yet beautiful sound. How would you describe it?

Scott:  The best way to describe our sound would be "Synth driven melodic hardcore" although there is a lot more too it then that. All of us are into different music, hardcore, post rock, emo and even a bit of black metal. I think all these influences show in our music. Of course, the best way to know what we sound like is to listen to our music or come and see us play.

Bro:  How did Callista come to be? Where did the name come from?

Scott:  It started in 2012 when our guitarist and me went to see The Elijah. It pretty much blew us away and we wanted to start a similar band, but we ended up sounding pretty different to them. The name was nothing to do with me, but I think it means "beautiful" in Latin...something like that.

Bro: “The Weight Of The World is a truly amazing EP.  What is the story behind the album?

Scott:  There isn't much of a continuous story as such, but there are definitely recurring themes. Themes like loneliness, anxiety and relationships. The songs are all basically exaggerations of my personal experiences.

Bro:  Love the new single “Hemingway. I have heard through the grapevine you are working on a new EP.  Can you give us the inside scoop?

Scott:  Thank you! We're all pretty proud of that song. We have begun working on a third EP. There isn't much in the way of finished songs but we definitely have some ideas and a direction that the songs are going in. If all goes to plan it should be out by the end of summer.

Bro:  Callista is a hard touring band with big time shows.  What does your upcoming tour schedule look like?  Any plans for touring in the U.S.?

Scott:  I wouldn't exactly say we are a 'hard touring' band but we play as much as we can. I think that can be put down to us not really ever having a very stable line up. We have a line up that is here to stay now and we are planning to tour later this year. The U.S. would be incredible but I think it's safe to say that's a bit of a pipe dream. I think mainland Europe is a much more realistic goal.

Bro: Ok, so what is the plan for Callista and world domination? 

Scott:  Honestly, we just want to keep putting out music and playing shows anywhere we can. We see this band as fun and a creative outlet for us all. Any opportunities that come from it are all a bonus in our eyes.

Special thanks to, Scott, from Callista, for a great six pack.  I am a big believer in this band.  Give them a listen and you will be too.  Intense music wrapped in beauty, what else could you ask for?

Click To Download "Weight Of The World"

Click To Download "Weight Of The World"

Watch The Video For "Hemingway."  One word, AMAZING

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