I have been to a ton of shows over the last 25 years.  I can say with out a doubt this was one of the best.

After waiting in line in the cold with about 500 of our closets friends (a couple of them asking how old are you guys?) we walked into the Uptown Theater just in time to see letlive.(7/10) take the stage.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good they sounded live.  Lead singer Jason Aalon Butler is in one word, INSANE.  I mean that in the most positive way.  Dude was all over the stage (and the balcony) delivering crushing vocals.  I also thought drummer, Lionel Robinson, playing a drum kit that look liked a starter set from Target, was awesome.  All in all letlive. put on a great live performance.

letlive. Setlist:  Banshee (Ghost Fame), The Sick Sick 6.8 Billion, White America's Beautiful Black Market, That Fear Fever, Muther, 27 Club, Renegade 86'

After a couple of drinks and a few smokes it was time for Of Mice & Men (9/10).  Playing a good mix of songs from their new top 10 album, "Restoring the Force" and their previous album, 2011's "The Flood" the band from California did not disappoint.  Austin Carlile's metal scream combined with Aaron Pauley's clean vocals fit together perfectly.  Coming out to "Bones Exposed" they hit the crowd right in the mouth and the place went off.  Midway through the show the crowd was singing along to "Will You Still be There" like a bunch of campers at a metal "not-so" bible camp.  Finishing up with my personal favorite, "The Depths" the crowd went nuts.  Great songs and great performance.  Be on the lookout, these maniacs will be headlining a tour soon!

Of Mice & Men Setlist: Bones Exposed, Let Live, Would You Still Be There, O.G. Loko, Product of a Murderer, Still YDG'n, The Flood, You're Not Alone, The Depths

Well, the moment you have all been waiting for.  Intense, violent, passionate and well, just crazy.  That is how I would attempt to describe the Bring Me The Horizon (10/10) performance.  I know that we gave their new album "Sempiternal" the top spot on our best metal albums of 2013 list, but even if you didn't know a single song or album from BMTH you would have left their show blown away.  Coming out to "Can You Feel My Heart" with smoke, confetti, lights, and lasers in full effect, I felt like I was at an old school rave but with metal blasting from the speakers and less glow sticks.  Dear lord it was intense and insane right from the start.  "Shadow Moses" was my fav of the night and was even better live than on the record.  At one point during the show front man, Oliver Sykes, managed to get everyone in the audience at The Uptown to sit on the floor and then at his command the whole freaking place launched into the air.  While I am way to old to be sitting on a floor it was definitely awesome to see.  With the crowd looking like an ocean made out of people, BMTH was nails the whole performance.  "Anivist", "And the Snakes Start to Sing" and their closer "Sleepwalking" made the crowd go, well, ape shit.  

BMTH made a huge step forward with "Sempiturnal" in 2013 and this performance only validated it.  One of the best live shows I have seen, and I have seen a few.

Setlist: Can You Feel My Heart, Shadow Moses, Diamonds Aren't Forever, The House of Wolves, Go to Hell, for Heaven's Sake, And the Snakes Start to Sing, Empire (Let Them Sing), It Never Ends, Chelsea Smile, Antivist, Blessed with a Curse,Sleepwalking

If this tour is heading to your town and you don't go you deserve a punch in the neck...