The Kings Of "POWERCORE" Bro-Metal Interview With Blair Layt of A Breach Of Silence

Poot and I got a chance to talk to Blair Layt, the bassist and vocalist for Australia’s, A Breach Of Silence.  Along with bandmates, Mat “Cossie” Cosgrove (guitar), Andrew “Stix” Cotterell (drums), Ryhs Flannery (vocals) and Kerrod Dablestein (guitar), A Breach Of Silence is on the verge of taking over the metal world.  Their debut album, “Dead Or Alive” (out now on Eclipse Records) is an absolute MONSTER!  The great thing about being a blogger and not a “journalist” is we can be fans of the bands we talk to and we are BIG fans of this band (Plus, Blair is a good dude).  We caught up with Blair the night of July 2nd (the morning of July 3rd in Australia, this will be funny in a sec) and he was gracious enough to spend a few minutes talking with a couple of old metal heads. 


Bro: Hey what’s up Blair?

Blair: Hey guys.

Bro: How’s it going this morning?  How is July 3rd?

Blair: July 3rd is fantastic, the future looks bright for you guys!

Bro: Fantastic, we are pumped about the future!

We appreciate you taking the break to chat with us.  We have been talking to the guys at Eclipse Records a lot about you guys and we are fans your music.  

I have my Bro-Metal partner, Bobby (“Poot”), with me.  About three or four months ago, Bobby and I were sitting around talking metal and decided to put our money where our mouth was and started and here we are chatting with you.  This is our first live interview and we are honored to chat with you man.

Blair: Awesome guys, its a pleasure.

Bro: Alright then lets get started.  How did you guys get started in this thing?

Blair: We basically got started with humble beginnings.  A few of us played in bands in the past and me and Cossie have been friends for about 10 years and we had played in previous bands and decided to try something different with me singing.  So, I transitioned from guitar to bass and started singing a bit and the rest is history.  We put the word out for everyone else and over the years we came up with the current line up.  Nothing too ground breaking, just gave it a red hot go and here we are.

Bro: Very nice.  We really dig your album “Dead Or Alive” and I have been listening to it a ton the last few days.  I downloaded it a few months back and forgot how kick ass it is.  Tell us a little bit about the record and how you all made it and how it came together.

Blair:  Awesome, thanks for the kind words man.  Its our debut album and we went into it totally blind not knowing a single thing about the recording process, especially at the level we were doing it at.  We had never worked with Fredrick Nordstrom (Bring Me The Horizon, I Killed The Prom Queen, In Flames).  Working with someone like him opened our eyes to so many different things and it was a really cool couple of weeks.  We worked with him and Henrik “Hinke” Udd his engineer.  For the writing process we wanted to combine all of our different styles.  We are all so stubborn and we didn’t want to not bring something to the table because we are going to do “your thing,” we are all going to do our own thing so how the hell are we going to make it work.  Like me, I am in to the power metal and 80’s metal, where as, Cossie is into the metalcore and traditional metal and we have Kerrod, Rhys, and Stix who are into Parkway Drive and new age metal and we wondered how the hell are we going to bring this all together?  The feedback we have been getting so far is that we have, so we are happy with it.

Bro:  You guys definitely made it work and the way your are describing it is exactly what I thought when I was listening to the album.  There are so many styles of metal in each song.  We are not ones to “label” music but I can hear the metalcore, I can hear the rock n roll, and I can hear the power metal.  How would you describe your sound?

Blair: Its funny you asked that and I like to give the same answer every time.  We got jokingly named “powercore” by a couple of friends and its kind of stuck.  Traditionally, we call ourselves a metal band but if anyone ever asks what genre we would put ourselves in we like to create a new one and say, “powercore”  Ha Ha.

Bro: I love it!  Thats a great description and a kick ass name.  That description makes me think you are sitting in a bar and someone asks “what kind of music do you play?” and you can hold up a beer and say, “POWERCORE!”

Blair: Yeah man! Thats it!  We like to milk that for all its worth.

Poot: Hey Blair, its Bobby here.  I go by Poot on the website.  Not sure if you have seen my feature on the website, “Poot’s Corner” but I love the old 80’s metal.  Who are some of those older bands you dig?

Blair: Man I tell you, I grew up listening to Metallica and Motley Crue and bands like that.  Then I got  more of the power metal like, Blind Guardian with the soaring vocals.  I love that stuff! 

Poot: Like the Wacken Open air sing along metal?

Blair: Heck yeah man!  That would be a dream festival to go check out!

Bro: So are there any plans for new music?

Blair: Absolutely!  We are putting the finishing touches on a new album and are looking to release it in the fall.  We are working with Fredrick Nordstrom again and it sounds great.

Bro: So is the album going to be similar to “Dead Or Alive” or can we expect a new vibe?

Blair: The cool thing is that, Rhys, our lead singer was able to be a part of the writing process for the new record and was able to put his sound and influences into the writing.  It made for great new songs.

Poot: Definitely keep us posted on the release.  We can’t wait to hear it.  

Bro: Plans to tour for the new record?  I assume Australia but how about the states?

Blair: Definitely will tour Australia but have our sites set on visiting your shores.  I visited the  U.S. on holiday and absolutely can’t wait to get back.  I really liked the US.  Definitely have our sites set on touring there.

Bro: Yeah its a pretty alright here, we like it.  Whenever you guys do make it to the states we hope Kansas City is on your list of stops but if not, we'll be sure to come wherever you guys play to see you.

Poot: Come to KC and the BBQ and Budweiser is on us!

Blair: Sounds like a great plan! 

Poot: Who have you guys been lucky enough to open for in Australia?

Blair: We have been able to open for some pretty awesome bands like Born of Osiris, Upon A Burning Body and Amity Affliction.

Poot: Wow those are some big time bands!

Bro: Alright here is one for you.  If you could tour with anybody who would it be?

Blair: Iron Maiden.  No question.  Bruce is so talented in so many ways, lyrically, writing, he’s a pilot, a world class fencer and so energetic on stage.  His voice is amazing!

Bro: Virtual high five!  We saw Maiden on their last tour in KC.  I also saw them about 20 years ago and I was amazed by how they sounded just as good as they did back then.  

Blair: Yeah man they are amazing.  Bruce flying around stage and hitting those high notes.  It would be amazing to tour with them and watch that every night.  Nicko back there hitting the drums.  Plus, the really cool thing about touring with Maiden is you get to fly on their very own plane

Poot: Yeah with Bruce actually doing the flying!

Blair: Yeah, how great would that be?

Bro: Everyone knows AC/DC and some diehards even know about Airbourne but what is your take in general on the metal scene in Australia?

Blair: The metal scene here is great!  You have Parkway Drive, Amity Affliction and our label mates Our Last Enemy. 

Poot: Yeah we dig all those bands and Our Last Enemy is a great up and coming band.  

Blair: Yeah man, they are from up the way in Sydney.  They are great.

Bro: So we know the new album is coming out this year but what does the future hold for A Breach Of Silence?

Blair: We want to do this on a full time basis.  Day job is okay, but would love to be able to put 100% into the music every day.  We want to make this our job!

Bro: Last question, on our site we have the typical top 10 lists and albums reviews but what we really enjoy doing is helping to spread the word for bands like, A Breach Of Silence who are out there busting their asses every day and making great music.  What can we do to help promote you guys and other up and coming bands like ABOS?

Blair: Exactly what you guys are doing.  Putting the word out through your blog, through twitter and Facebook, and just telling people about us is the best thing we could ask for. 

Bro: Blair it means a ton to us that you would take the time out of your day to talk to us.  We will keep spreading the A Breach Of Silence word.

Blair: Its been awesome guys.  Thanks for the support.  I will make sure to spread the Bro-Metal word as well.

Poot: Thanks Blair, keep us posted on the new record and let us know when the tour schedule brings you to the states.

Blair:  You got it guys.  Thanks again for all the support!


As you can tell we are BIG FANS of A Breach Of Silence.  So, Go check em' out!

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