In the ancient mixtape spirit, I have put together my 2017 Bro-Metal Mixtape.  This mixtape consists of my 20 favorite singles of 2017.  Why 20 tracks you ask? Because these 20 tracks fit conveniently on a single CD. For our younger Bro-Metaler's out there, CD's (or compact discs), replaced cassette tapes.  Play it loud and bang your head.  -Bro 


Bro-Metal 2017 Mixtape: Track List

1. "SILENCE SPEAKS" - While She Sleeps ft. Oli Sykes (You Are We)

2. "COME ON DOWN" - Zeal & Ardor (Devil Is Fine)

3. "SILFUR-REFUR" - Solstafir (Berdreyminn)

4. "FOREVER"- Code Orange (Forever)

5. "FALLING AWAY" - A Breach Of Silence (Secrets)

6. "ICE MAN CONFESSIONS" - Emmure (Look At Yourself)

7. "KARMADILLO" - Our Hollow, Our Home (Hartsick)

8. "BLACK MAMMOTH" - Fit For An Autopsy (The Great Collapse)

9. "OBJECTIVE REALITY" - Within The Ruins (Halfway Human)

10. "ALL LOVE IS LOST" - Body Count ft. Max Calavera (Bloodlust)

11. "MAKE IT HURT" - Sworn In (All Smiles)

12. "DEADWEIGHT" - Wage War (Deadweight)

13. "THE WORLD IS YOURS" - Arch Enemy (Will To Power)

14. "THE SIN AND THE SENTENCE" - Trivium (The Sin And Sentence)

15. "THE LONGEST WINTER" - Paradise Lost (Medusa)

16. "EXECUTIONER'S TAX (SWING OF THE AXE)" - Power Trip (Nightmare Logic)

17. "PERPETRATOR EMASCULATION" - Venom Prison (Animus)

18. "UNCHARTED" - Make Them Suffer (Worlds Apart)

19. "I SPEND MY DAYS (WISHING THEM AWAY)" - Employed To Serve (The Warmth Of A Dying Sun)

20. "THUNDERDOME" - Ocean Grove ft. Running Touch (The Rhapsody Tapes)

There You Have It. The BRO-METAL 2017 MIXTAPE!

 Play It Loud And Bang Your Head!