Bro-Metal 2015 Mixtape

I am old enough to remember making mixtapes on actual cassette tapes.  There was a time when yours truly was making mixtapes of my favorite metal songs and they included gems from, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Ozzy, Motley Crue, Guns n Roses, just to name a few.  I may have burned a "Power Ballad's" mix or two to hand out to the ladies, (don't act like you didn't play the hell out of "Every Rose Has its Thorn," when the ladies were around).

So, it is in the ancient mixtape spirit, that I have put together my, Bro-Metal 2015 Mix Tape.  This mixtape consists of my 19 favorite singles of 2015.  Why 19 tracks you ask?  Because these 19 tracks fit conveniently on a single CD.  For our younger Bro-Metaler's out there, CD's (or compact discs), replaced cassette tapes.  Check out the track list below, tell me what you think, and most importantly, play it loud and bang your head.  -Bro 


Bro-Metal 2015 Mixtape: Track List

1. "EMBERS" - Lamb Of God ft. Chino Moreno (VII: Strum Und Drang)

2. "CHLORINE & WINE" - Baroness (Purple)

3. "CRUSHED" - Parkway Drive (Ire)

4. "FROM THE PINNACLE TO THE PIT" - Ghost (Meliora)

5. "REPENTLESS" - Slayer (Repentless)

6. "DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?" - Atreyu (Long Live)

7. "YOU WANT A BATTLE? (HERE'S A WAR)" - Bullet For My Valentine (Venom)

8. "NO HOPE IN SIGHT" - Paradise Lost (The Plague Within)

9. "FOUR WALLS" - While She Sleeps (Brainwashed)

10. "THE LAST GARRISON" - Enter Shikari (The Mindsweep)

11. "HAPPY SONG" - Bring Me The Horizon (That's The Spirit)

12. "I.H.E." - Miss May I (Deathless)

13. "DEVIL HORNS AND HALOS" - Saint Diablo (Devil Horns And Halos)

14. "WE SOLD OUR SOULS TO METAL" - Soulfly (Archangel)

15. "VULTURES AND SHARKS" - Oceans Ate Alaska (Lost Isles)

16. "UNWANTED" - The Ongoing Concept (Handmade)

17. "IDENTITY" - August Burns Red (Found In Far Away Places)

18. "POCKETS" - Cute Cute Death (single)

19. "CHASING GLORY" - Feed Her To The Sharks (Fortitude)

There You Have It. The BRO-METAL 2015 MIXTAPE! 

Play It Loud And Bang Your Head!


One more song....

Here's to you, Lemmy.  You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.