Bro-Metal 2014 Mixtape

A few weeks ago I posted my "Bro-Metal 2015 Mix Tape."  This mixtape consisted of my favorite singles from 2015.  The feedback I received on said mixtape was extremely positive, so we have decided to make the yearly mixtape a regular feature.  We will be taking a look back at the best metal/hard rock singles of some of our favorite years.  To get things kicked off, I put together my favorite singles of 2014, otherwise known as, Bro-Metal 2014 Mixtape (solid name, huh?).

Take a look, let me know your thoughts and feel free to play this mixtape, Very Loud.  -Bro


Bro-Metal 2014 Mix Tape: Track List

1.  "VULTURES" - A Breach Of Silence (The Darkest Road)

2.  "GRAVEDIGGER" - Architects (UK) (Lost Forever//Lost Together)

3.  "BRING THE RAIN" - Upon A Burning Body (The World Is My Enemy Now)

4.  "MOUNTAIN THRONE" - Polar (Shadowed By Vultures)

5. "THE DEVIL IN I" - Slipknot (.5: The Grey Chapter)

6. "KILLEM ALL" - King 810 (Memoirs Of A Murder)

7.  "NEW REALITY" - Assassins (War Of Aggression)

8. "THE MOTHERLOAD" - Mastodon (Once More 'Round The Sun)

9.  "KILLER & KINGS" - Machine Head (Bloodstone & Diamonds)

10.  "NOWHERE TO HIDE" - Crobot (Something Supernatural)

11. "10,000 HEADLESS HORSES" - Our Last Enemy (Pariah)

12.  "BLOW YOUR TRUMPETS GABRIEL" - Behemoth (The Satanist)

13.  "THE SORROW AND THE SOUND" - Feed The Rhino (The Sorrow And The Sound)

14.  "BONES EXPOSED" - Of Mice & Men (Restoring Force)

15.  "BODY BAG" - Beartooth (Disgusting

16.  "EXTINCTION" - Structures (Life Through A Window)

17.  "THE GUILLOTINE BLADE" - No Sin Evades His Gaze (Age Of Sedation)

18.  "SWAY" - Down Royale (Sway)